At the lake

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I have quite some unprocessed photos on my computer, due to lack of of inspiration to post process photos and blog. I’ve been meaning to go through my old photos from last year and post things here, but I didn’t have much inspiration last year. The last  month I’ve blogged again, but only posted new photos.

I needed something to ignite my inspiration again. Yesterday I found that something. For a while now I’ve followed this young German photographer, Olli Dressler, on Instagram. I’ve admired his work and often found myself double tap his photos. Not until yesterday I thought about finding out if he had a website or some sort of photography blog. I found myself wanting to find out who the guy behind the beautiful photos is.

I found his website/blog and for quite some time I’ve explored his blogposts / photos. He takes beautiful photos and beautiful photos makes me inspired. I instantly knew I had to dig into my photo archive and post some old photos. It’s stupid to keep them  collecting dust on my hardrive, isn’t it?

I found some photos I took at a lake, near the place I grew up, last summer. It was a saturday evening and the weather was nice, but the water was far from warm. Dipping my feet in the water I remember getting cold. When I got there I was there all by myself and it was so quiet there, but after a while a family with two kids turned up. Luckily they were quite quiet, so they didn’t spoil anything for me.

It was great sitting there looking  over the lake, just being.

130615- 189small130615- 184 dip130615- 124small130615- 160 dip130615- 145small130615- 149 dip130615- 178small130615- 206 dip


2 responses to At the lake

  1. The photos are really nice, I love the series you put together here :) It would have been a shame to keep them in your computer and not sharing indeed! Going through the work of our favorite photographers is a great way to feel inspired again, I do that sometimes too.

    • Kjersti Lier – Author

      Thank you so much. I find heaps of inspiration looking at the works of photographers I love. I should do it more often!

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