Doors II


We’ve had some great days weather-wise here in Oslo (Norway) the last days. It’s been over 20 degrees celsius and very sunny. I took the opportunety to go out on a photo trip on sunday, after dropping of a friend, who had visited me, at the bus station. Once again, I decided to go door scouting, since I love doors so much. I went to the west side of Oslo this time too, but in a slightly different area.

There are lots of brown wooden doors around, but on sunday I discovered quite some blue and green doors as well, to my big satisfaction. Blue and green doors are pretty. Green is my faveourit color and blue used to be it when I was younger.

I love all the details on the doors I found.

I can’t wait to go scouting again. Hopefully I’ll have time soon. Until then, here’s what I found on sunday.

IMG_9525smallIMG_9515 dipIMG_9566 dipIMG_9531smallIMG_9534smallIMG_9573 dipIMG_9588 dip


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