A photo a day – pt. II

As I wrote a two posts ago, I’m doing this photo challange on Instagram until I figure out what my real photo project will be about. I’ve figured out what I want my real photo project to be about, but lets focus on the Instagram photo challange for a second.

I’m doing quite good, still enthusiastic about it and thrive to make a great photo every day. I don’t want to post any crap, so I spend lots of time thinking about what to photograph. It’s definitely harder to photograph when you just use your phone and don’t have all the different settings to help you out.

Here is what I’ve photographed so far:


From the top down, here are each days word to shot by: Starts with an A, Cool, thank you, a building, I sat here, pair, found, fragrant, natural, hole, card, fresh and logo.

It’s mix match of different things and. I’m half way now and I’m confident I’m gonna make it this time.

So… over to my real photo project. I haven’t started on it yet, just found out what I want to photograph and that is a great start since I’ve been so slow with coming up with something.

Here the other day I was browsing my blog, looked at the other pages like mye about page. While browsing I looked at my previous project–the doors. I looked at the photos I had uploaded here and then I went to my old flickr site to look at all the doors. I genuinly got happy looking at all the great doors and then it hit me–I want to photograph more doors.

There is something about doors. A door hides something and is an invitation to something, maybe something new. I like doors .

I’m not sure how I’m going about this project, if I’m gonna shoot one door each day for a spesific time or I’m just going to go on photowalks and look for doors. I think I’ll do the last option (photowalks), but I’ll decide when decide to start, which I hope will be soon.

I went on a bus ride around town a week ago and I did spot a door I wanted to photograph, so I got one door on my list already.

Until next time, xo


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