Heartstopping music

This blog is mainly for my photographs, but I do make exceptions. I do have other passions and two other things I really, really care about is writing and music. Now I’m going to combine the two of them and write about music.

Music makes life so much better and it is something I can’t live without.

I love explore new music and I remember a time where I was discovering new music on Spotify regurarly. I found something I liked and then I explored all the related artists to see if I could find something new and great to listen to. I found heaps of great artists / songs I’d never heard about before that I fell in love with.

It’s been a long time since I been on the lookoout for something new and I miss it. I miss the feeling of my heart nearly stopp beating and me stopping to breath for a second or two because I’ve found something so good. Music that touches the heart in some way I can’t explain. I get euphoric and can’t really believe how good it is.

I haven’t really been into music in a long time. I’ve been occupied with other things, like reading and watching TV and being creative making cards among other things. I’ve been listening to music, sure, but I haven’t actively search for new and heartstopping things that I know are out there.

A few weeks ago I found out that the 19 year old artist Aurora was going to play on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Since she’s a fellow Norwegian I wanted to watch it. I’ve heard a few song before and they have been OK, but I haven’t been super excited about them. I guess she needed to grow on me. The performance on Jimmy Fallon was amazing and I knew I had to check out more of her music, because I had a feeling this could be one of those heartstopping moments. I was right and I fell in love. For days I had her music on repeat.

A week ago I discovered something equally as good—the band London Grammar. I found them by coincidence on Youtube and I was absolutely in love with the first song I heard, Strong. It’s a song I can have on repeat all day and not get tired of. I was super stoked about finding more new great music. And when I say great, I mean really, really great. To find something so great right after I discovered Aurora’s greatness… aaah. Pure bliss.

If that was not enough and my new, awesome music account wasn’t already filled up to the brim with great stuff in such a short time of period, I found something even better—Troye Sivan! Maaan. I got a musically crush on that young kid. He is amazing. I’m euphoric when it comes to his music and I just can’t get enough of his songs. It feels a bit weird, cos it seems like his fanbase is teens/young kids and they are absolutely in love with him like teens usually are and I’m 37, but music has no age limit, right? I’m a ferm believer of that.

Here is a few videos of Aurora, London Grammar and Troye Sivan singing songs I absolutely love, love, love.


So if you don’t see me update this blog with photos anytime soon, it’s probably because I’m too busy dancing on the floor in my livingroom listenting to heartstopping and breathtaking music like the songs I posted.

2 responses to Heartstopping music

    • Kjersti Lier – Author

      I love him too and he sure can put you in a dreamy mood :-)

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