Photo a day

I’ve been thinking about doing a photo project again, to get me back on track with photographing regularly again. And I wanted that photo project to be about something spesific, like the doors in Oslo I photographed some years ago. But since I can be quite indecisive, I haven’t managed to figure out what that photo project should be about.

On Instagram I follow a girl from Australia who is a full time blogger/photographer and what not. You can visit her website here and her Instagram account here. She curates a monthly photo project at her Instagram account and everyone can join in. I’ve done it once before (and tried, but failed a few times too) and now I thought it was time to try again. It’s one photo a day and each day you get a spesific word as an inspiration. You can shot whatever you want as long as it’s inspired by that word. This time I’m determind to finish. I only post photos taken with my Samsung on my instagram account. My profile name over there is mazarin_. Feel free to come say hi.


Here is the promts from the 1st of April to the 30th April. Some are easy and some are a little bit difficult. If I plan a little bit, I’m sure I’ll managed it. It’s only one photo a day.

So far we’re only on day two. Today I’ve shot twice for the promt looking down, because got another idea after I shot the first.  Here are what I’ve come up with so far:


1. Something yellow. A few yellow things from my apartment. 2a. Looking down: I’m at the top floor at a mall downtown 2b.. Looking down at my new fab. shoes that I bought today. I’m in love with them and can’t wait to use them.

While doing this photo project, I’ll think hard and hopefully come up with a project that involves my beloved Canon 7D soon.

Until nex time,




4 responses to Photo a day

  1. I’m doing this challenge too for the same reason and blogged about it both last week and yesterday. The fun part is that today when checking other’s participants photos I liked yours and didn’t even realize you were the author of this blog that I follow here on WP!! Small world after all :)

    • Kjersti Lier – Author

      How cool. It’s a small world indeed. We’re in the same boat–trying to boost our inspiration. Good luck with the photo a day project and you’ll have a good doze of inspiration at the end of this month :-)

      • Thank you, good luck to you too :) I’ve started following you on Instagram so I can stay up to date with the photos you create for the challenge!

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