Doors – a revisited photo project

So I talked about starting a new photo project a few posts ago and in my last post told you I had found out I wanted to photograph doors again. Last week I got around to scout doors. You see doors everywhere, but I don’t want the ordinary ones, I want the special ones. The really cool ones. I went to the west side of Oslo, where I had spotted a door I wanted to photograph. I photographed that one first (it’s the top photo) and then I walked around the nearby streets to find some other doors.

There is many great doors on the west side of Oslo. Here are a few of them. I hope you’ll like them. Hopefully I’ll be able to go door scouting again soon.

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A photo a day – pt. II

As I wrote a two posts ago, I’m doing this photo challange on Instagram until I figure out what my real photo project will be about. I’ve figured out what I want my real photo project to be about, but lets focus on the Instagram photo challange for a second.

I’m doing quite good, still enthusiastic about it and thrive to make a great photo every day. I don’t want to post any crap, so I spend lots of time thinking about what to photograph. It’s definitely harder to photograph when you just use your phone and don’t have all the different settings to help you out.

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Heartstopping music

This blog is mainly for my photographs, but I do make exceptions. I do have other passions and two other things I really, really care about is writing and music. Now I’m going to combine the two of them and write about music.

Music makes life so much better and it is something I can’t live without.

I love explore new music and I remember a time where I was discovering new music on Spotify regurarly. I found something I liked and then I explored all the related artists to see if I could find something new and great to listen to. I found heaps of great artists / songs I’d never heard about before that I fell in love with.

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Photo a day

I’ve been thinking about doing a photo project again, to get me back on track with photographing regularly again. And I wanted that photo project to be about something spesific, like the doors in Oslo I photographed some years ago. But since I can be quite indecisive, I haven’t managed to figure out what that photo project should be about.

On Instagram I follow a girl from Australia who is a full time blogger/photographer and what not. You can visit her website here and her Instagram account here. She curates a monthly photo project at her Instagram account and everyone can join in. I’ve done it once before (and tried, but failed a few times too) and now I thought it was time to try again. It’s one photo a day and each day you get a spesific word as an inspiration. You can shot whatever you want as long as it’s inspired by that word. This time I’m determind to finish. I only post photos taken with my Samsung on my instagram account. My profile name over there is mazarin_. Feel free to come say hi.

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