This sky is on fire!


Throwback to that day in october last year when the sky was so dramatic your jaw dropped and your eyes were big as dinner plates. It was magical and spectacular. I think the photos speaks for them selves. No edits done to the photos (other than the square onesI took with my phone and edited a bit before I posted them on Instagram).

IMG_20151001_192237IMG_8098img_8128 dipIMG_8131IMG_8132

4 responses to This sky is on fire!

  1. Ines

    That’s amazing! I bet it was even more impressive in person!! Usually when I take photos of sunset I feel the outcome doesn’t truly reflect what I was seeing.

  2. Niecyphotography

    Your photography is wonderful. The ability to capture beauty today that can be seen for years to come. I also have a blog that shares your passion for photography, portraits are my joy. Here is the site if you want to take a peek. Again enjoyed the beauty you captured.

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