Winter wonderland

251214- 312

I’ve been neglecting this blog for a very long time. I started this blogpost A YEAR AGO and I forgot to post it. That’s how things have been… I had planned to post some other photos from a photo walk a week ago. But since I hadn’t posted the photos below, I’ll post them later.

There has only been a tiny bit of snow in Oslo / Lierfoss this season. The snow is long gone and I don’t think there will be any snow until next year. I miss the snow, it makes things much brighter. My New Years Wish will be a little bit of snow early in 2016.

251214- 299a dip 251214- 383 251214- 547 251214- 320 251214- 556 251214- 431a 251214- 402 251214- 405 dip 251214- 399 251214- 402aa dip 251214- 498 251214- 488 251214- 476 251214- 504 251214- 461 251214- 456 dip 251214- 439

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