5 AM day two

210714- 010 dip After being out at 5 AM yesterday photographing and seeing that lovely morning light in my photos, I wanted to do it again–but this time, walking a little bit to photograph other things. So I set the alarm for 04.35. Five minutes before the alarm went off, I woke up all by myself. My head was not with me, still sleeping. When I peeked through the curtains and didn’t see any sun, I instantly thought it was cloudy and I didn’t want to photograph if there wasn’t any beautiful light outside.  So I rolled over and fell back to sleep.

Almost half an hour later I woke up again, now seeing sunrays through the curtains. I jumped out of bed, peeked out of the window and saw a beautiful morning on its way. Quickly I got dressed, fetched my camera and headwd out. This time I left my parents property and walked towards the sun. Because it’s monday, the traffic was heavier than yesterday. Not everyone has vacation. Some still have to work. There was many that stared at me this morning–almost everyone who passed me in a car,  I guess they’ve never seen someone out this early to photograph before. Heh!

I spend about an hour photographing and then I feel it’s time to get home. I’m still not fully awake and I could need some more sleep. Back home I undress and crawl under the duvet, thinking it had been a lovely morning and well worth the early rise.

210714- 032 210714- 016 dip 210714- 040 210714- 068 210714- 085 dip210714- 106 210714- 119 210714- 136 210714- 149 210714- 132 dip 210714- 203 dip 210714- 170 210714- 160 210714- 182 dip 210714- 208 210714- 213 210714- 245 dip 210714- 223 210714- 247 dip


19 responses to 5 AM day two

  1. rebeccalambb

    I wish I could get up early to see that. I am not a morning person, but I think I could be after seeing this!

  2. Private Thinker

    Your sight is inspiring. I just have a simple point and shoot camera, nothing fancy, and I take pictures every day. Your pictures are helping to give me a new view of how to “see” through the lens, Thank you for that.

  3. martinot8

    These are GORGEOUS!!! I love how you captured the lighting! You should do a post on how you did that! I would love to learn from you! These are beautiful!

  4. Also a question for you- how were you able to arrange to have 2 photos next to eachother? (example- the last pictures of the black and white dress and shoes).

    • Kjersti Lier – Author

      Thank you for your kind comment! :) I’m not so good at how-to posts, so I’m afraid that won’t happen. To arrange two photos next to each other, I use a programme called Photoscape. You can edit photos make collages.

  5. Beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing. I wish I saw your polkadot skirt before I published my blog on polkadot dresses. I would have asked you nicely to use your photo, too. Anyway, the ones with the grass / wheat field are gorgeous!

  6. autumnsinandout

    WOW, that is so pretty! I have woods in my backyard and its not ever half as beautiful as that!

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