Wishlist for Christmas


December is here and Christmas is around the corner. I’ve had people asking me what I want for Christmas. This year it has been a bit difficult to come up with things to put on my wishlist. I do have lots of stuff, and there is just so much one need. My closet is full of clothes and my kitchen cabinets is filled and I got most things I need to operate the kitchen. I got lots of books I haven’t read, so I don’t really need any new ones at the moment (have still put a few titles up on the list though). When I listen to music, I use Spotify–I haven’t bought a CD in ages.

There is one area though, where I don’t think I’ll ever get enough–in the photography department. Here I have collected some things that I really want, and has  put on my wishlist:

  1. Polaroid camera: I’ve wanted one for ages. I love polaroids! I’ve never used one myself, but it seems so much fun.
  2. Diana F+: that camera takes lovely photographs. I haven’t used a analogue camera in ages, and doing that again seems fun.
  3. Holga 120 CNF: Lovely toy-camera. Holga cameras can make awesome photographs.
  4. Polaroid filter: I want one that can reduce reflections in windows etc, and enchance the color in the photo
  5. Spare battery for my camera. Would be great to always have a fully loaded battery.
  6. Sigma tele zoom: I need a tele zoom. I have a 18-125 mm, but that’s not good enough. A 70-300 would be great!

Let’s hope I’ve been good this year, and Santa will give me at least one of these things. If not, I might buy one of these things myself some time the  next year.

What’s on your wishlist for Christmas?

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