Magical Stockholm

290713- 115sStockholm, oh Stockholm. I just love that city. I instantly fell in love with it the first time I visited it 6 years ago. Only this year I got to visit it again, not a day too soon. Stockholm isn’t as small and cosy as say Gothenburg and not so down-to-earth. Gothenburg is where the averge Swede lives. I feel like lots of the people in Stockholm is a bit above the average. Stockholm is a city I would take weekendtrips to, but Gothenburg is a city I could see myself live in.  I don’t mean anything negative about this, because I love Stockholm so much. There is something magical about Stockholm. Something that is hard to explain what actually is. It just feels so close to my heart.

In the end of July I went to Stockholm with my dear friend Linda and a bunch of other people. We were going to see Gylne Tider (Per Gessle from Roxette’s other band). Most people stayed in cabins outside Stockholm, but Linda and I wanted to spend all our time in the city. We came for the concert of course, but we also came for the shopping, the restaurants and everything that Stockholm has to offer.

Last time I was in Stockholm, I stayed for five days and did all the touristy things you can do in Stockholm (visit the Old Town, go to several museums, visit the tivoly Grøna Lund, take a boat trip in Djurgården, visit Skansen and its aquariums and lots more). This time we only where in town for a few days, coming friday morning and leaving sunday evening. Most of our time were spend the Old Town, which is very beautiful!

There wasn’t much time to pay too much attention into photographing, but I did get some photos taken. Here is some bits and bobs from Stockholm.

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