The magic forrest

050913- 237Last time I was home I went to the forres to pick berries. This time it was time to pick cranberries. I’m no fan of cranberries, but I do love to pick berries and just be out in the forrest. I have no problem picking berries for others to eat. My best friend Linda she loves cranberries, but she isn’t able to be out in the forrest to pick them this year. That gave me an idea. I wanted to surprise her with a box full of cranberries. Linda wasn’t home that day because she was visiting one of her aunts. My plan was to pick a box of berries, put that in a plastic bag along with a written card and hang it on her door handle for her to see when she came home from her aunt. Nothing’s like coming home to a surprise by the door. Late that evening I reccived a very happy text message from her telling me she was very happy to have reccived the box with cranberries. Doing things like that feels great, doesn’t it? I love to make others happy!

Being in the forrest is magical. I love, love, love the forrest. It’s something about it, something special. Every time I go to the forrest I bring my camera. I won’t miss the opportunety to catch the light coming between the trees or the the sparkling water that the sun creates when it hits the pond  / lake.

One thing I’ve noticed when I’m out in the forrest. It happens here in Norway at least. People that doesn’t know each other greets each other with either just a ‘hello’ or they even stop to chat for a while. This might be normal in other parts of the world, but we Norwegians we never really talk to the one we sit next to on the bus, or the man in front of us in the queue at the supermarket. If a stranger starts to talk to you, you look strangly at the other person. Forringers tend to see us as a bit cold. Out in the forrest that is not true!

When I’m downtown Oslo, I almost never talk to strangers or greet them, but when I’m in the forrest and someone is coming I always smile and say hi. This happened on this forrest trip too. We met two women with dogs. They past us as we were sitting down with our heads deep down in the heather. The slowed down when they saw us. I heard them because of the dogs and looked up, then greeted them. One of the greeted me back saying something. I didn’t hear what she was saying, because we were a bit far from each others, but I just replied we were out picking cranberries. She smiled and they walked on.

Of course we didn’t just pick berries, we also had a couple of breaks drinking coffee / water and eating crackers and chocolate. A little rest is nice.

We came home with lots of cranberries. Way more than I thought the two of us would be able to bring home. I also came home with some photos I would like to share with you.

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