Homegrown carrots and potatoes

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When I was a kid, we had a small vegetable garden with carrots and cauliflowers. In addition we grew potatoes. Every summer we ate lots of vegetables. It was very fun pulling up a carrot, clean it in cold water and eat it raw. Yum. Watching the cauliflowers grow, was also fun. I love cauliflower and was a bit impatient. I wanted the cauliflowers to get big way faster than they did. When the potatoes were ready, you never knew how many you got or how big they were. It was exciting to pull up a potato haulm to see how many potatoes you’d got. Some potatoes were still in the soil, so you had to dig to find them.

I remember vividly one year we had planted cauliflowers. It must’ve been twenty plants. After a month or so, we saw that the plants were half eaten by worms. I remember my dad told me there wouldn’t be any cauliflowers that year, because of the worms. I was devestated. The worms had come because soil had gone bad an dad told me it would years before we could plant any cauliflowers there again. It broke my heart. Cauliflowers tastes better when it’s homegrown. That goes for every vegetables actually.

This year mum decided to grow potatoes again. I asked her if she could grow some cauliflowers and carrots. She didn’t find any cauliflower plants when she was out looking for it, so she ended up with only carrots.

Yesterday morning I went home to Lierfoss. I had a date with a dear friend of mine, my oldest friend (I known her all my life!). We went shopping and after that we went home to her place and talked for hours. When I came back home to my parents place (a four minute drive from my friends house), I found my camera. I knew I had to take some photos of the carrots and potatoes. The homegrown vegetable had to be documented. Since mum started with the vegetable project a bit late, the potatoes and the carrorts are still a bit small. That doesn’t set back the taste at all. It’s a very, very long time since I’ve eaten potatoes that have tasted this good. Oh my! They were delish! The carrots were yummy as well. I can’t wait to eat some of those potatoes again.

Until then, here are some photos of the lovely potatoes and the carrots.

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