Sleeveface photos


I’ve been a fan of sleeveface photos for a long time. I especially love it when you use LP’s. Four years ago I made my first one. When Springsteen turned  I  used the sleeve of the album ‘the River’ to make a sleeveface photo – to honor him and his birthday. Not long after I decided to make more and hang them up in my bedroom. I had four photos up over my bed and I felt it was time to change them.

I have a few LP’s and two of them was suitable to use. You need a huge face on the LP to make it work. No all LP’s has that and if they do, it’s not certain it is the right face. I don’t want a random musician up on the wall, it has to be someone I have some sort of connection to – like Bruce Springsteen. Finding suitable LP’s is hard. I’m lucky to have a quite huge LP store downtown I can browse. I did spend a lot of time to find that last LP I needed, so I would have for photos up on the wall.

Since I removed a huge photo (poster) from one of my walls in the bedroom, it was space for one more sleeveface shot. For a while I’ve been thinking of what kind sleeve I would use. Last weekend I went to the LP store and browsed it without finding anything I liked. When I got home I suddenly knew what to use! One of my favorite swedish musician, Ulf Lundell, has an album cover with a huge face of himself. I had forgotten until it just popped up in my head. Mum is also a fan of Ulf Lundell, actually a bigger fan than I am, so I got to borrow her LP.

Today I took the sleevephoto with portrait of Mr. Lundell. It’s not easy to make everything match. You want the line of the clothing to match exactly. Well, everything should match or else the photo won’t be any good. Now if you don’t have anyone to assist you, it’s very tricky to make it right with just a remote control and a tripod. I’m glad I shoot digital, because I needed 147 shots to get things right!

So the next photo is the latest contribution to the sleeveface photo collection. Three old sleeveface photos follows.

280913- 147 bobdylan sleeeveface_kjersti_kim larsen2 sleeeveface_kjersti_kim larsenDo you have a sleeveface photo to show me? Post a link in the comments section!

If you’re not tired of sleeveface photos, go to to see more. If you want to know how to sleeveface, here’s a tutorial video ;)

Happy brithday, Bruce! A compilations of ten great songs

Yesterday Bruce Springsteen turned 64 years old. For those who knows me, know that Springsteen is my favourite musician ever. He is really up there alone, being awesome and amazing! (You can read about my fascination here. I wrote a blog piece about it years ago.)

To honor him on his birthday, I wanted to make a compilations of his ten best best songs.  Making a compilation meant searching on Youtube for songs / videos which make me listen to a lot of great Springsteen song / see lots of great videos. That was also a reason for making a compilation.

So, what is his ten best songs? That’s almost impossible to say. He has so many great songs and which I like depends on my mood or what situation I’m in. You can’t really say that for instance Born to Run is better than Badlands or vica verca. They are equally good.

Well, I’m not ending up with a list of his ten best songs, but then awesome song that might be his best at some point.

Drive All Night (from the River)

Tougher Than The Rest (from Tunnel of Love)

Thunder Road (from Born to Run)

Badlands (from Darkness on the Edge of Town)

Downbound Train (from Born In the USA)

Born to Run (from Born to Run)

Jungleland (from Born to Run)

the River (from the River)

Atlantic City (Nebraska)

Racing in the Street (Darkness on the Edge of Town)

Tertitten – old steam locomotives and railways

080913- 060sA few weeks ago I went on a trip to Sørumsand with my sister and her family and my parents. At Sørumsand they have a museums train going. They have an old steam locomotive there. Over a hundred years ago, they made a railway between Sørumsand and Skulerud, two small places in Norway. The railway was 57 km long and was called Tertitten. The railway was open until 1960, when it closed for good.

The railway passed my parents house. The place where I grew up, Lierfoss, had a trainstop. My great grandfather was the head of the station on Lierfoss – Lierfoss Station. If you were going to Oslo, you needed to take the train, if you didn’t have a car. And in the early 1900 not many had cars.

A year after the railway closed, they started the work with presserve the railway for posterity.  Most of the railway was removed to make space for regular roads where cars could drive. Today only a small part of the railway is operative.

During the summer, the railroad is open and you can take a trip with one of the steam locomotives. Every sunday you can drive the 3,2 km (and back again)  that is operative. On their way back, they stop at a station for twenty minutes, so you can buy something to eat. They serve waffles, icecream, coffee, soda etc.

So as I said in the beginning, I went to Sørumsand to ride with this train. It was a fun trip. I love to experience things from the past. When I do things like that, I dream about the old times and try to imagine how things where back then. It’s at times like that, I wish I could enter a time machine and go back in time.

I couldn’t take this trip without bringing my camera. I knew there would be some awesome things to photgraph. Here are some of the photos I took. I hope you’ll like them.

080913- 066s 080913- 070s 080913- 014sdippy 080913- 022s 080913- 005s 080913- 034s 080913- 021s 080913- 026s 080913- 043sdippy 080913- 032s 080913- 033s 080913- 087sdippy 080913- 095s 080913- 052sdippy


050913- 291stWhen I was home a few weeks ago, I went to visit my uncle to see how the harvesting was going. My  dad was there, because he helps out a lot. Dad does most of the harvesting, because my uncle is old and not comfortable doing it. I brought my camera because I wanted to capture these moments. 80 years ahead some will maybe look at these photos and say ‘that’s how we did it back in the days’. I also took photos so I can compile a new calendar for my uncle when the new years arrive. The last years I’ve made him a calendar with photos from his farm or things/places nearby. He loves them and therefore I keep doing it. It’s a nice Christmas gift. Last year he got a whole book with photographs. I won’t be doing that this year –  a calendar will do.

050913- 305s 050913- 330 dip 050913- 304s 050913- 313s 050913- 317s 050913- 318s050913- 321s

The magic forrest

050913- 237Last time I was home I went to the forres to pick berries. This time it was time to pick cranberries. I’m no fan of cranberries, but I do love to pick berries and just be out in the forrest. I have no problem picking berries for others to eat. My best friend Linda she loves cranberries, but she isn’t able to be out in the forrest to pick them this year. That gave me an idea. I wanted to surprise her with a box full of cranberries. Linda wasn’t home that day because she was visiting one of her aunts. My plan was to pick a box of berries, put that in a plastic bag along with a written card and hang it on her door handle for her to see when she came home from her aunt. Nothing’s like coming home to a surprise by the door. Late that evening I reccived a very happy text message from her telling me she was very happy to have reccived the box with cranberries. Doing things like that feels great, doesn’t it? I love to make others happy!

Being in the forrest is magical. I love, love, love the forrest. It’s something about it, something special. Every time I go to the forrest I bring my camera. I won’t miss the opportunety to catch the light coming between the trees or the the sparkling water that the sun creates when it hits the pond  / lake.

One thing I’ve noticed when I’m out in the forrest. It happens here in Norway at least. People that doesn’t know each other greets each other with either just a ‘hello’ or they even stop to chat for a while. This might be normal in other parts of the world, but we Norwegians we never really talk to the one we sit next to on the bus, or the man in front of us in the queue at the supermarket. If a stranger starts to talk to you, you look strangly at the other person. Forringers tend to see us as a bit cold. Out in the forrest that is not true!

When I’m downtown Oslo, I almost never talk to strangers or greet them, but when I’m in the forrest and someone is coming I always smile and say hi. This happened on this forrest trip too. We met two women with dogs. They past us as we were sitting down with our heads deep down in the heather. The slowed down when they saw us. I heard them because of the dogs and looked up, then greeted them. One of the greeted me back saying something. I didn’t hear what she was saying, because we were a bit far from each others, but I just replied we were out picking cranberries. She smiled and they walked on.

Of course we didn’t just pick berries, we also had a couple of breaks drinking coffee / water and eating crackers and chocolate. A little rest is nice.

We came home with lots of cranberries. Way more than I thought the two of us would be able to bring home. I also came home with some photos I would like to share with you.

050913- 161s 050913- 164ss 050913- 165ss 050913- 171ss 050913- 183ss 050913- 189ss 050913- 260ss 050913- 207ss 050913- 221ss 050913- 239ss 050913- 246ss 050913- 257ss

What the fox?!

Friday evening I came across a video by the Norwegian comedy group Ylvis on facebook. Two friends posted it. I had seen it in a online newspaper as well, but didn’t click on the video at the time. When two friends said it was awesome, I thought I should check it out. I know Ylvis. They are two brothers, Vegard and Bård Ylvisåker. Together they become the comedy duo Ylvis. They do comedy shows and now they’re doing a talk show called I kveld med Ylvis (Tonight with Ylvis).

The video is a teaser for their new season of I kveld med Ylvis.

OMG! What a video. It makes no sense, but yet it is so friggen hillarious. It’s so awesome I had to blog about it, even though I normally don’t blog about things like this. I’ve seen the video at least 30 times and I just can’t get enough. It’s only 3 mins and 45 sec, but every time I see it I find a new fave part of it. It’s strange that something so silly can be so catchy and captivating at the same time.

The video has gone viral they say (pepople / newspapers online) and since it was uploaded 03.09.13, it has almost 7.000.000 views. That is not normal for videos posted by any people from Norway. It’s crazy. Some call the duo the European Lonely Boys and some say it’s the new Gangnam Style. I think it’s way better than Gangnam Style. This is hillarious.

This song is made for a TV show and is supposed to entertain a few Norwegians for three minutes — and that’s all. It was done just a few days ago and we recently had a screening in our office. About 10 people watched — nobody laughed.

—  Bård Ylvisåker talking about THE FOX

The song is produced by the Norwegian producers Stargate (produced songs for Beyonce, Rihanna and Ne-Yo).

You can read about Ylvis on wiki or you can watch oher videos made by them here. There is an interview wih Bård, one half of Ylvis, on you can read too.

Yeah. That was about it. I’ll go back to posting normal photography posts next week. Until then you can try figuring out what the fox say ;)

Bits and bobs from my uncles farm

030813- 313sA while ago I visted my uncles farm. He’s 76 years old, but I sometimes see him as less than 70. Too me he’s always been a ‘young’ man. It’s strange to think that’s he’s slowly getting 80. He is holding up quite well, working a lot in my opinion. Things are not as it used to be though and he needs help on his farm.  So when I visited his farm a month ago or so, I was there to help him out (my parents too) with a patch of overgrown grass. We worked a lot. In addition to work I took some photos around the farm. I always bring my camera, where every I go. You never know when something great turns up that you need to photograph.

Here are a few photos from that day. Enjoy.

030813- 322s 030813- 325s 030813- 327s 030813- 352s 030813- 355s 030813- 389s 030813-338dip

Homegrown carrots and potatoes

310813- 194s

When I was a kid, we had a small vegetable garden with carrots and cauliflowers. In addition we grew potatoes. Every summer we ate lots of vegetables. It was very fun pulling up a carrot, clean it in cold water and eat it raw. Yum. Watching the cauliflowers grow, was also fun. I love cauliflower and was a bit impatient. I wanted the cauliflowers to get big way faster than they did. When the potatoes were ready, you never knew how many you got or how big they were. It was exciting to pull up a potato haulm to see how many potatoes you’d got. Some potatoes were still in the soil, so you had to dig to find them.

I remember vividly one year we had planted cauliflowers. It must’ve been twenty plants. After a month or so, we saw that the plants were half eaten by worms. I remember my dad told me there wouldn’t be any cauliflowers that year, because of the worms. I was devestated. The worms had come because soil had gone bad an dad told me it would years before we could plant any cauliflowers there again. It broke my heart. Cauliflowers tastes better when it’s homegrown. That goes for every vegetables actually.

This year mum decided to grow potatoes again. I asked her if she could grow some cauliflowers and carrots. She didn’t find any cauliflower plants when she was out looking for it, so she ended up with only carrots.

Yesterday morning I went home to Lierfoss. I had a date with a dear friend of mine, my oldest friend (I known her all my life!). We went shopping and after that we went home to her place and talked for hours. When I came back home to my parents place (a four minute drive from my friends house), I found my camera. I knew I had to take some photos of the carrots and potatoes. The homegrown vegetable had to be documented. Since mum started with the vegetable project a bit late, the potatoes and the carrorts are still a bit small. That doesn’t set back the taste at all. It’s a very, very long time since I’ve eaten potatoes that have tasted this good. Oh my! They were delish! The carrots were yummy as well. I can’t wait to eat some of those potatoes again.

Until then, here are some photos of the lovely potatoes and the carrots.

310813- 276s 310813- 283s 310813- 227 dip 310813- 271s 310813- 266 dip 310813- 325s 310813- 331s 310813- 343s

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