This years collection of Dutch bikes

220613- 097s It’s no secret I travel to the Netherlands a lot. I’m there once a year, visiting my dear friend Chantie. Every time I’m there I photograph a lot. This time I mainly focused on bikes. Because of the weather and because we went to see Bruce Springsteen in Nijmegen (loved, loved, loved seeing Springsteen!), I didn’t have that much time to photograph and therefore I decided to focus on one subject. The Netherlands are full of bikes so it was easy to pick that as a subject. And you know, I love bikes!

Here are this years collection of bikes. 220613- 112s 220613- 110s 220613- 105s220613- 058s 220613- 061s 220613- 069s220613- 075s 220613-101 dippy220613- 122s 220613-099 dippy 220613-103 dippy 220613- 114s220613- 126s 220613- 129sss 220613- 130s 220613- 141s 220613-067dippy 220613-100 dippy 220613- 147s 220613- 145s 220613-151 dippy

3 responses to This years collection of Dutch bikes

    • Kjersti Lier – Author

      Yes, you must do that. And I love your bikes as well, as you can see ;) Thanks for stopping by and commenting! :)

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