Fun times at my uncles farm

120712- 042sLast thursday I went home to my parents place. I’m in the middle of vacation / was the end of my sick-leave, so I had time to go home. My nephews were gonna be there for a few days as well and I had planned to visit some friends.

My two nephews love tractors and since my dad had a few jobs to do at my uncles farm, we decided to bring them so they could ride the tractor with him. I had to bring my camera of course to take some pictures of the two having fun. It’s these little moments that I cheris and have to document. It will be something they can look back on when they’re grown old.

Yesterday evening, when I started to edit theseĀ  photos, I decided to sit out on my balcony. Since I live in an apartment and had been away all day, it was so warm inside it was warmer inside than outside. I almost melted away! Phew! 22.30 I had to go inside because some nasty, huge flying bugs visits my balcony when twilight comes.

When I looked through my photos I instantly knew these had to be monochrome photos. I hope you like them as much as I do!

120712- 021s 120712- 022s 120712- 027sdippy 120712- 029s 120712- 028sdippy120712- 132sdippy120712- 073s 120712- 021sdippy 120712- 062sdippy 120712- 067s

Exploring London


While being in London in May, I took a lot of photos. So far you’ve seen photos from the London Eye and Hyde Park. I also took photos while we visited spesific areas like Covent Garden, Chinatown and Camden and just random places we went to. When photographing I wanted to capture some of the essensial things about London / England, so I took some photos near Buckingham Palace and Big Ben, but I also just captured random things.

I would have to divide this into two posts, just because there is quite some photos I want to show you. Here are the first batch:

070613- 111s 070613- 118s 070613- 076s 070613- 061s 070613- 058s 070613- 040s 070613- 086s 070613- 096s 070613- 051s 070613- 049s070613- 245s 070613- 239s 070613- 030s 070613- 232s 070613- 325s 070613- 339s 070613- 337s 070613- 335s

More photos are comming soon. Stay tuned for more London! :)



A walk in Hyde Park

070613- 362textOn our last day in London, we had to be out of the apartment hotel at 11.00. Since there were no reception, there wasn’t any place to store our suitcases – we had to bring them with us. Walking around with our suitcases wasn’t very practical, so we decided to do something easy. We went to Hyde Park to spend our last hours in London there.

Hyde Park is a huge and pretty park. I wish the weather would’ve been a bit better so we could’ve enjoyed it even more than we did. If we had more time and hadn’t our suitcases with us, we would’ve rented a boat and taken a trip on the (artificial) lake (the Serpentine).

070613- 343s 070613-3 dip 070613- 389s 070613- 386s 070613-4 dip 070613- 380s 070613-5 dip 070613- 372s 070613- 371s 070613- 370s 070613-2 dip

Up in the air

190513- 001stextWhen I’m out flying, the worst thing is to be placed in the middle seat. Especially if I’m flying solo. I always hope for the window seat so I can watch the sky, clouds and earth as the airplane flies from one destination to another. I never pay extra to reserve seats in advance though. It costs too much in my opinion and it’s not worth the money. When I get my boardingcard it’s always a bit exciting to see what seats I’ve got.

If the weather is good, I always bring out my camera and take some photos. I love the cotten-like clouds, even more when the sun shines on them.

On my travellings this year I’ve been blessed with the window seat a couple of times. There has also been sunny weather. That has resulted in the photos below. New this year, is that I’ve also managed to photograph the ground (fields, islands, houses, lakes etc). The three last photos is from the Norwegian coastline, the east coast.

210513-2 dip 070613- 417s 070613- 423s 210513-1 dip 070613- 437s 070613- 438s 070613- 439s




This years collection of Dutch bikes

220613- 097s It’s no secret I travel to the Netherlands a lot. I’m there once a year, visiting my dear friend Chantie. Every time I’m there I photograph a lot. This time I mainly focused on bikes. Because of the weather and because we went to see Bruce Springsteen in Nijmegen (loved, loved, loved seeing Springsteen!), I didn’t have that much time to photograph and therefore I decided to focus on one subject. The Netherlands are full of bikes so it was easy to pick that as a subject. And you know, I love bikes!

Here are this years collection of bikes. 220613- 112s 220613- 110s 220613- 105s220613- 058s 220613- 061s 220613- 069s220613- 075s 220613-101 dippy220613- 122s 220613-099 dippy 220613-103 dippy 220613- 114s220613- 126s 220613- 129sss 220613- 130s 220613- 141s 220613-067dippy 220613-100 dippy 220613- 147s 220613- 145s 220613-151 dippy

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