Adventures at the London Eye

070613- 087I spent last weekend in London with a good friend of mine. Oh, what a great weekend!

For a long time, visiting the London Eye has been on my bucket list. I’ve never been sure I would dare to take it, because I got problems with height, but still it has been on that list. When I was in London last weekend, we were disucssing if we should take it or not. It’s quite pricy (20 pounds for 30 minutes) and we weren’t sure if the queue would be long or not. If the queue was too long, we would definitely skip it. Since we only had two full days in London, we didn’t want to spend out precious time queuing.

We were on a sightseeing trip the first day, seeing Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, St. James Park etc. When we came to Big Ben, we saw that the London Eye were close by and decided to check out the queue. The queue was not long at all to our big surprise. So we decided to buy tickets. It took only a half an hour with queuing, after we’d purchaced the ticket, to get on board.

The London Eye moves very slowly, only 26 cm per seconds. At the highest, you a re 135 meters over the ground. I had brought my camera (of course!) to the pictures. The five first minutes I sat at a bench in the middle of the capsule because I was quite scared. Luckily I managed to losen up and walk around a bit. I was determand to photograph as much as possible of the beautiful view and couldn’t just sit and be scared. When we had reached the top I was completely relaxed.

I must say I was very happy to have spend time and money on the London Eye. The view was awesome and I managed to deal with my height issues in a good way.

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5 responses to Adventures at the London Eye

  1. anothertool

    Your photo’s are lovely. I went to London too a few weeks ago. Went on the Eye, but did it around 20:30pm. So it was getting dark and the lights where on, it was beautiful! But our photos aren’t as good as yours.

  2. internalsky

    Your photographs are very beautiful. I love how it appears vintage with the bikes and the ferris wheel. I have never been overseas, so I love looking at your photos of London

    • Kjersti Lier – Author

      Thank you so much for your kind comment. More photos from London is on its way :)

  3. I lived in London for 3 years, but never went up the London eye! My work place is actually just across the Thames! Beautiful photos, especially the one of the Houses of Parliament

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