The croft

Last saturday I went home to where I grew up, to visit a friend. The weather was really nice, so I took the opportunity to photograph some too. Dad took me to this place, a piece of land that my uncle ownes. My parents have been working there; tiding up, cut donw trees and bushes.  Long time ago, like 50 years, this was a croft. Many people has live there. My grandfather had a farm and needed help to run it. The people he hired lived on that croft. Apart from working on my uncles farm for at least 8 hours a day, they had to work when they came home too — just to take care of the croft. It was hard life.

Dad told me all this when we were there. He is a great storyteller and know so much about all sorts of stuff. He always has a story to tell when we visit places. I like to listen to those.

These photos might now be so special to you, but to me they carry something extra since there’s a story behind them I can relate to.


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4 responses to The croft

  1. It’s true that you get the special attachments to these photos due to the history more than myself, but I assure you, it was incredibly lovely for me to look through them all the same. Wonderful set of photographs!

    • Kjersti Lier – Author

      Thank you so much for your comment! I’m happy someone else than me also found these photos worth looking at :)

  2. These are beautiful shots! These remind me of my Canadian winters and it is such a beautiful time of year to be out with a camera! Lovely story as well – the meaning we create with the world around us! Thank you for posting!

    • Kjersti Lier – Author

      Thank you for your kind comment. I think the Norwegian and the Canadian winters are quite alike. It is indeed a lovely year to be out with a camera.

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