Winter scenes from a bus

The weather the day I left my friend in Elverum was absoutely wonderful. It was cold though, – 24 C when I got up at 08.30. Brrr. It was real sunny when I went on the bus. I knew beautiful landscapes would fly by as the bus set its destination towards Oslo. The beautiful scenery passing by, I couldn’t let that pass without photographing. Even though I was on a bus and it’s not always easy to photograph when you’re on the move. When I entered the bus, I tried to find a seat with a clean window. I also wanted to avoide the windows with stickers on it too.

The two hour long busride started great, with sun and blue skyes. It wasn’t one cloud in sight and it was oh so beautiful. As we came nearer Oslo, the clouds rolled in. You can see that on the very last photograph. It was all grey and almost foggy outside then.

130113- 076s 130113- 079s 130113- 098s 130113- 099s 130113- 100s 130113- 102s 130113- 114 dip 130113- 118s 130113- 126s

I have more winter photographes to show you all. Yesterday I was out photographing again. When the sun is up and the sky is blue, it’s hard to sit inside and watch the beautiful weather. You’ll see those photos later this week. I still need to post process them and it’s quite a lot to go through. I hope you won’t get tired of all my wintery shots. You’ll see something else, like in March or something, when the snow is gone ;)



7 responses to Winter scenes from a bus

  1. So pretty! As usual! I really like looking at your photo’s! The icy blue’s and grey’s and white’s of the winter photo’s are just gorgeous! Thank you for sharing! ~ Jen

  2. Photography by Gisele Morgan

    Wow I can’t imagine what -24c would feel like! I was complaining about -4C when I arrived in London last week from Brasil :)
    Beautiful winter landscape, I love travelling by bus so I can enjoy the view on the way ♥

    • Kjersti Lier – Author

      Thank you for your comment :) When it’s -4c I’m really happy. It’s not too cold, but still cold enough for the snow to not melt. I also love travelling by bus, so I can follow the landscape, but I prefere trains more. More comfy :)

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