Dutchness – photos from the Netherlands

This is the last set of photos from this summers vacation to the Netherlands. Over 700 photos has been gone through and now I’ve edited the last batch. This is the photos that can’t be placed in any category. It is a variety of photos, spanning from airplanes to mailboxes, food and cityscapes. There is nothing much to say about these really. I think I’m going to let the photos speak for themself.

When I took this photo (the  photo above) I had my camera strapped around my neck and I held it hard with my hand. It was a bit scary, because I didn’t want to drop it while hanging with my head outside the train. I got a lot of wind in my hair. One time when a train came crossing us, I quickly backed up, got my head and camera inside the train, because I was afraid it would hit me. It felt like it was that close, even thought it probably wasn’t.

No vacation without some yummy food photos. I ate lots of good food when I was in the Netherlands. I normally don’t eat fries, because the ones we have in Norway is so thin and after they’re fried the are soaked in fat. I like the fries to be thick with lots of yummy potatoes inside. Thinking about the fries they serve at for instance Mac Donald or even Burger King (which I really like), makes me go ewww. The fries I bought in the Netherlands were thick and not a thin stick of just fried potatoes.

I ate two very yummy omelettes. Oh my, they were good. The last one I ate, was at a tiny place right beside a church/graveyard me and Chantie visited. I didn’t have that much expectation to the food. I got really surprised. It was very yummy that omelette. Look at all that yummy mushrooms, it was actually a bit too much! They were generous with everything. Nom, nom, nom.

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    • Kjersti Lier – Author

      Thanks for stopping by and your kind comment :) The Netherland sure is great!

    • Kjersti Lier – Author

      Thank you for visiting and the kind comments. I’m happy to have inspired you. :)

    • Kjersti Lier – Author

      Thank you for stopping by and for the kind comment. It sure is a lovely place and I can hightly recommend visiting that city. :)

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