The zoo – Natura Artis Magistra

Being at the zoo in Amsterdam was a bit bittersweet. Animals are kept in a unnatural way, captivated and far away from their natural elements. Keeping animals in a zoo is not natural, even though it’s been done for a long time. Thinking about this, it’s good to know that some of the animals that comes to the zoo is injured/hurt and would not have survived in the real life.

Knowing all this, it’s still pretty awesome to see all the different animals located in the zoo. There were so many exotic and interesting animals there; elephants, lions, monkies, wolves, zebras, wallabys, voltures etc.

We spent the entire day at the zoo and there wasn’t one boring moment throughout the whole day. I had lots of ‘wow-moments’, especially when we saw the gigantic and colorful butterflies and the zebras. There were also quite some ‘awww-moments’ too. How can you not go awww when you see penguins and baby elephants?

I took lots of photos at the zoo. You’ve already seen photos from the Aquarium. Here are some of the rest of the zoo.



8 responses to The zoo – Natura Artis Magistra

  1. I enjoyed this piece on the zoo. I’d love to hit up the zoo in Amsterdam!! I agree, it is hard to see the animals in these man made habitats. I am a HUGE animal person!! I do volunteer work with the Humane Sociaty and would adopt a hundred thousand pets if my husband would let me… Although I’m sure animals are much happier in their natural wild enviornments, some zoo’s are a very good place for animals. Their needs are met and they are fed and some animals are safer in a zoo than out in the wild. It’s also fun to go and see them so I’m greatful that we have zoo’s all over the world. I’ve always enjoyed going to the zoo. Thanks for writing:)

    • Kjersti Lier – Author

      Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a lengthy comment. You are right, some zoo’s are a very good place for animals and that’s good to think about. And as you say some animals are safter in the zoo than out in the wild and I guess that’s better than being out in the free.

      Again, thanks for your visit :)

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