Bikes galore

I invited my friend Ellen for a walk to the city after I ended work last thursday. It was going to be sunny and quite warm, so I thought it was a good idea to go for a walk and eat downtown. Of course I had to bring my camera on the walk. I didn’t have any plans on what to photograph, but decided to photograph anything interesting. It didn’t take long before I was photographing bikes again. We were out for a good four hours and I found many great bikes to photograph.

One can wonder if there are any great bikes left to photograph. I’m pretty sure I haven’t photographed them all. New bikes turn up here and there.

Unlike my last bike posts, this time I’ve also caught some very cool new bikes too. Until now, I’ve only photographed really old bikes. That is because I find them utterly pretty, even though they’re rusty, the color has faded and the bike seat may be torn. Old bikes are always going to be prettier than the new ones. The new ones don’t have that charm old bikes carry. Anyway, I found some very cool new bikes. They don’t possess that charm I was talking about, but they have a coolness to them.

So, here is a mix of old and new bikes.

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