Movie, food and blogging

Two weeks ago I saw the movie Julie & Julia again. It must be the 5th time I’ve seen it since it came out in 2009 and it’s still a great movie. If you don’t know, I’m a huge fan of Meryl Steep. She’s one of the best female actors I know. This movie is about two things I like, food and blogging. Every time I see this movie, I get the urge to blog. I want to do better, blog more often and write better blog posts.

Since I’ve started this food project, the food ABC, I thought it was time to update the project. So far I’ve only covered the two first letters in the alphabet, namely A and B. Today it’s time to cover two more letters, C and D.

For C, it was easy to come up with things to photograph. I can name for instance carrots, cheese, cauliflower, cake, chocolate, cookies, ciabatta and corn.

D on the other hand was way trickier. Last food project, I stretched it and used drink. It’s not really food, but it was all I could come up with at the time. This time I landed on Danish. It was the only thing I could think of actually. Many love Danish (pastry), but I don’t. It’s waaay too much butter in it, it’s almost only butter. I  once saw on TV how they made the Danish, and after the programme was over I swore to myself to never eat that. I’ve kept my promise to this day.

I landed on corn for the letter C.

This is the  main photo. Here is two others.

I also have another shot, but this is not corn. This is cauliflower soup. When I was celebrating our National Day a few weeks ago, I ate a three course dinner at my friend’s house. As a starter we got served cauliflower soup. I hadn’t eaten that since kindergarten. The thing is, I often think I don’t like things based on stupid reasons. Sometimes I just don’t think I like it and sometimes I think that since I don’t like one thing, I might not like this either. I am not very good at trying out new stuff.

As I said, I hadn’t eaten cauliflower since kindergarten and that is 30 years ago. I love cauliflower, but I’ve grown up thinking it wouldn’t be any good. That day I tried it and it was so good. I wish I had tried it way sooner. Lesson learned: try new food! After that dinner, I’ve had several cauliflower soup meals. So far I’ve just made soup from a bag of powder, where you add water/cream. I added some more cauliflower too, because the soup doesn’t come with that much cauliflowers.Once I have some more time, I would like to try make it myself. I’ve found a recipe online that looks good.

For the letter D, I chose Danish.

I once saw a programme about how they made Danish pastry. Oh my god! I don’t like it and after seeing that I knew I would never try eating it again. I doubt there is any kind of cake/bakery goods with that much butter. It’s almost just butter. Jeezes!

Next two letters is E and F. I have yet to decided what to photograph. Stay tuned.

Ps. Go watch Julie & Julia, it’s such a great and lovely movie!

2 responses to Movie, food and blogging

    • Kjersti Lier – Author

      You’ve never seen it? o boy! You better, it’s awesome! So warm, sweet and a bit sad at the same time! :) Meryl Steep is one of my fav actors and I love her in this movie. Tell me what you think after you’ve seen it.

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