A walk alongside the Akerselva

One thing I really love about the city I live in, Oslo, is that you can be in the city and feel like you’re not in the city, but someplace else. Yesterday, me and my friend Ellen, took a walk along the river running through the city. It’s a 8.2 km long river, sort of dividing Oslo into east and west. The river, Akerselva, is “Oslos green lung”, with parks and trails. When you walk along the river, you can see lots of old industrial buildings. The buildings are today mainly used as offices.

The river is running through the city and you can walk alongside it for most parts. A part of the river, close to the fjord is running through a pipe; it done that way to make place for roads/cars. It’s a lovely walk. There are quite a few waterfalls in the river, I have photograhped one. You can also find a small hut, with grass growing on the roof. I took a peek inside and saw a few old millstones.

The next photo trip, I think we’ll take a trip around Maridalsvannet. It’s the lake where the river Akersevla starts. It’s not a very big lake, but the biggest in Oslo.

5 responses to A walk alongside the Akerselva

  1. Photography by Gisele Morgan

    gorgeous photos and what a lovely place to go for a walk ♥

  2. itsmecherry

    your photos makes me wanna go to your place, dream under the sun and sing along. It relaxes me. I wonder maybe you can create a coffee table book of your compiled photos then I would happily get one! :) just something to refresh my mind from time to time.

  3. Allelie

    wowwww!! t’was awesome,..It’s pulling me out to go there…and the pictures are really great.

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