Food project (ABC)

In my last post, I talked about maybe begin on a new food project (photography wise). After some thinking, I decided to go for it. I need a project to let out my creativity and  photographing food is both fun and challenging.

This food project is going to be the same as I’ve done before; shooting food on A, then B, and C etc. It is difficult to photograph food, as least I think so. An additional challenge this time, is that I don’t want to photograph the same things I did last time. After doing some reasearch, checking out this Food Alphabet among other sites, I realised that I might photograph some of the same things, but if I do, at least it’s going to be done a different way. So far I’ve made list of possible things to photograph. Things might change as I proceed, but it’s a draft.

My plan is to finish this project way sooner than I did with my last. I remember abandoning the project for weeks at a time, maybe even moths.

I will post one photo on my flickr account that will be the official photo, but here on the blog I will post more photos (outtakes).

For a start, I photographed both letter A and B.

A is for apple and almonds. I saw a photo somewhere online in my search for things to photograph and it contained both apples and almonds. I immediately thought I had to try make my own version of it.

This is a set of nice food-teeth; a green apple and almonds.On the photo below, what you see classical before/after photo. The photo to the right show how your teeth/mouth will look like after years of soda, sugar, cigarettes and bad teeth-hygine. Take care of your teeth, folks!

To peel the skin of the almonds, I put them in boiling water and let them stay there for a little while.

For the letter B, I chose Brussel sprout. They are so tiny and cute. I don’t like Brussel sprout, but I sort of wish I did. They look very delish.

I am looking forward to the next letter. What’s next? You just have to wait and see.

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