The Botanical Garden, part II

On my second day at the Botanical Garden, I brought with me the 18-125 mm lens. If you’re going to photograph tall trees, you need something different than the 50 mm lens. My plan was to use both the 18-125 mm and the 50 mm, but I ended up just using the zoom lens.

This time I had brought a extra memory card. But… if it’s not one thing, it is something else. Isn’t that how they saying goes? I found out that my battery was far from fully charged. It was like 30% left. Prepered, much? Eh, I don’t think so! Luckily¬† it went OK. The battery didn’t die and got to take all the photos I wanted.

The weather wasn’t as good as the day before. It even rained occationally. I had to hide my camera a few times, not to get it wet. Luckily it wasn’t any heavy rain, just light drizzling. I have to say I was a bit annoyed when the weather didn’t turn out as predicted. Well, even if the weather wasn’t perfect, I still got some nice photographs of the Botanical Garden. This time it was all about the tall trees, the Garden itself and not the tiny, but beautiful flowers.

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