The Botanical Garden, part II

On my second day at the Botanical Garden, I brought with me the 18-125 mm lens. If you’re going to photograph tall trees, you need something different than the 50 mm lens. My plan was to use both the 18-125 mm and the 50 mm, but I ended up just using the zoom lens.

This time I had brought a extra memory card. But… if it’s not one thing, it is something else. Isn’t that how they saying goes? I found out that my battery was far from fully charged. It was like 30% left. Prepered, much? Eh, I don’t think so! Luckily¬† it went OK. The battery didn’t die and got to take all the photos I wanted.

The weather wasn’t as good as the day before. It even rained occationally. I had to hide my camera a few times, not to get it wet. Luckily it wasn’t any heavy rain, just light drizzling. I have to say I was a bit annoyed when the weather didn’t turn out as predicted. Well, even if the weather wasn’t perfect, I still got some nice photographs of the Botanical Garden. This time it was all about the tall trees, the Garden itself and not the tiny, but beautiful flowers.

Spring has sprung (visiting the Botanical Garden)

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged anything now. It’s the story of my blog life, sadly. I either forget to blog or don’t have anything to blog about. Yesterday I knew the weather would be nice, so I decided to take my camarea out for a walk. I need to take more photos with my lovely D7, in stead of just play around with my phone and Instagram.

Spring is here and wanted to capture it. It so beautiful to see things come to life; trees starts to get green / blossom, flowers pop up and the world looks brighter. I decided to go to the Botanical Garden. I’ve been there before this time a year, and it’s beautiful there!

I left for the Botanical Garden right after work ended. Since I’ve recently decided to become more ‘sporty’ I walked all the way. It’s not far and I thought I could take some photographes on my way. This is what I captured:

These are the photographes from the Botanical Garden:

I’m still getting used to my new camera. I try, I fail and I learn. It hasn’t really sunk in how big my photos are now (in pixels and MB) – not until yesterday at least. While photographing, I suddenly get a message saying that my memory card is full. My memory card isn’t the biggest, I know that (1 GB), but with my other camera I could take a lot more photos than I can now. Now it takes less than 200 photos to fill up my card. I was like ‘but, but, but… I’m not finished here! aarrrghhh!!!’ I had to go through my photos and delete the ones I thought wouldn’t make the cut, based on the tiny LCD screen on my camera, to make room for a few new ones. Not ideal. I was pretty annoyed and

As I left the Botanical Garden I made two promises to myself: 1) Buy a bigger memory card 2) Go back to the Botanical Garden and shoot more.

I haven’t bought a new memory card yet. My plan is to do that this weekend. I do have been back at the Botanical Garden, I went there today too. Today I’d brought an extra memory card, just in case.

There is too many photos to fit them all into one blog post. So todays photos, you’ll get them later.

Stay tuned!

Things that makes me happy: Homemade soup

Eight days ago, when I went home to my parents to spend some days there for Easter, I made soup. This became so good, I had to make it again. I’m not good at making all sorts of soups, at least not from scratch. One soup that I feel fairly confident in making is a vegetable soup with sausages in it. That soup is so very simple, so down to earth, but oh so good.

What you need is some stocking, potatoes, carrots, leek, sausage (I prefere a smokes sausage), salt and pepper. You can also add other vegetables like swede, peas and green beans. If you are vegetarian,  you can easily skip the sausage. You can even make half the soup vegetarian and half with the sausage.

I don’t have any measures of how much of each you need. I just take a little bit of each. But I make sure I take enough so I at least have some leftovers for one day. The soup is bette the second day.

This is the simple steps:

  • Add water and broth in a casserole. Let that boil.
  • Chop carrots and potatoes in pieces and let them boil until they are tender.
  • Chop up the saugsage and the leek in pieces.
  • Add everything into the stocking. Season it with salt and pepper.
  • Let the soup simmer for a while, until the the sausage is warm and the leek is tender.

I always eat the soup with some flatbread aside.

Here are some photos from the process of making the soup to the soup is ready and happily inside a bowl of mine.

You know the soup is spicy enough when you need to drink half a litre of water after you’ve done devouring the soup! Yum!

Next soup I’m going to make is fish soup. I’m not sure I’ll do it from scratch though. I’m not that good cook. If any has a good recipe for a great fish soup, feel free to share / direct me in that direction.


Eastergram?! What is that you might think. That’s a combination of two things going on the last week, Easter and Instagram.

To me Easter contains days off work, time with my family, great food, chocolate, crime shows on TV and playing various games. This Easter also contained downloading the app Instagram, photographing with my phone and uploading them with Instagram.

I am now enjoying my last day of Easter. Easter for me started when I left the office last wednesday. We got to go two hours earlier than noraml, so I ran out the door 14 sharp. Then I headed back home to my parents house, to spend a few days there. On thursday my sister and her family came. They stayed until saturday, I left on friday morning. I went on a photo trip with a friend on friday. We were out for quite some while, but I didn’t take that many photos. We talked more than photographed actually. Saturday morning I went to Elverum to visit a friend of mine. I left Elverum today.

One of the great things about Easter is to watch Brittish criminal show on TV. It’s a tradition in Norway to air criminal show during Easter. The national TV station, NRK, always air Brittish criminal shows. I find them way better than the American ones. Nowadays, criminal shows is more like forensic shows; all you see is people processing evidence. I’m not saying that is a bad thing. You know I love CSI: NY. But the Brittish criminal shows offer something more. You have to pay attention to everything and before the show is over, you might have singled out two or three possible murders. The case is never obvious.

This Eeaster I’ve watched an episode of Lewis, a spin off of Inspector Morse. I’ve also seen one episode of Whitechapel, which was very good. I remember when I was a kid. Then we used to watch Commander Adam Dalgliesh, which is based on the books of P.D. James. I used to love them! They were so scary when I was a kid. I wonder if they are as good as I remember them to be. I’m downloading some episodes to check.

As I said, I’ve downloaded the app Instagram for Android. Up to now, it’s only been available for Iphone users. A friend of asked me, when I told her I’d downloaded it, if that app wasn’t the app that made Iphone users think they could take awesome photographs. Haha. She’s close to the truth. I’m sort of hooked on Instagram. I’ve almost used that app and my phone more than my brand new D7! Imagine that?! Weird, huh?

Here are some of the photos I’ve posted with Instagram. All my photos on Instagram is taken with my phone (Samsung Galaxy II). If you want to follow me on Instagram, my username is mazarin_. I always love watching photographs, so the chance is big that I will follow you back.

More regular photos, taken with my new D7 will come later.

No more posts.