Pieces of Oslo

For those who read my last post, you know I went on a long photo trip on last sunday with a friend. We were out walking for over four hours. There is a lot of things you are able to see in that  amount of time, both new and old things.

We started to walk outside the city center and walked all the way to the center of Oslo. I’ve been wondering lately, since I’ve been around lots of places in Oslo, is there any places left we haven’t photographed? Any place interesting that is. I’ve lived in Oslo for ten years and even though this city isn’t all that big, there is still places I haven’t been. On sunday I visited, among places I’ve been lots of times before,  places I haven’t been before.

I guess it takes a while before I’ve photographed all there is to photograph in Oslo. The most obvious places is already been covered, but if you’re willing to walk a bit and go to places outside the city center, you might find other interesting places as well. If you decide to go to places you’ve been before, you might discover something new as well.

Here is what I discovered last sunday:

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  1. One of my favourite cities in the world! I lived there in late 2005 – early 2006 and again in early 2007 for my graduate studies in UiO. I really miss Oslo. Great photos!

  2. So true what you say….sometimes we live in one place for years without even noticing all that it has to offer! I too have recently started exploring Delhi, and am I surprised by its wealth!

  3. Wow, the city really should pay you for this post because it is compelling enough to make one want to go. I have been there but never saw such eclectic things in the backstreets. The prices in one of the middle pictures are absolutely jaw-dropping. I imagine that lots of people are more compelled to stay home and live off potatoes and sauce packets as I found to be the case in Denmark.

    Will check out the rest of the website/blog. Best wishes! -‘tarotworldtour’

  4. Wow! Thanks for putting all these photos up- I was in Oslo about 5 years ago but only had a camera with a small memory & didn’t take many pix. You can tell the town councillors that the big sign posts around the city are excellent for foreign tourists! We would have been lost many times over without them! Lovely place.

  5. I’ve been planning a jaunt up from the Netherlands this summer, and these pictures are whetting my appetite for Oslo! (: What fun to see that coffee and bikes – two major parts of my life – are big there, too.

  6. If only every city was as beautiful as this, Manchester has its historical and meaningful cultural sites in parts however there are many no so attractive aspects to the city.

  7. Your pictures are a welcome reminder of the other side of Oslo, my mother’s birthplace. It’s a fascinating city, and I have spent many wonderful hours tramping its streets.

    In the late 1990’s and early noughties I wrote two articles on my walks around it. The first was on Knut Hamsun, Norway’s Nobel prize-winning author.

    I traced the writer’s footsteps around Oslo in ‘Hunger’, the novel for which he is most well-known beyond the shores of his homeland . The second was a travel bio of Edvard Munch, painter of ‘The Scream’, which sold for $120, 000,000 at auction in New York only last week. Again I took the reader on a walk, this time from Ekeberg to the centre of Oslo and beyond, mentioning the places Munch knew from his childhood and as an adult. Both articles appeared in the travel section of British national newspaper, The Inependent.

    I also did a quick piece on the sale of The Scream for my blog last week.

    Thanks. for your little photographic tour.

  8. rtd14

    Beautiful pictures of Oslo. I hope to go one day. Thanks for sharing your perspective!

  9. I have a big weakness for Norwegian patterning and colorwork, so I just love your photo of “La Guitarra”! The bright colors, the wonderful woodwork and that delightful carved and painted menu box all make me think I could never go to Oslo without stopping by there. Thanks so much for sharing these lovely shots.

  10. ConfusedDi

    Great photos ! thanks for sharing with us! Keep on being creative!

  11. Mickey Revolver

    Reblogged this on WashedUpDonuts.com and commented:
    Simple, but shows a lot of love for the city. Kind of like how I feel about my own. Good vibe, gets me g’d for the long plane ride. Great shots as well, need less to say more.

  12. Truly Amazing. Not just the photography but I love your observation skills. Kind of creative to say the least. I was in Tonsberg in February and visited Oslo for day with my girlfriend. Must say had one of the best moments of my life in beloved Norway. I would like to discover the Northern region at some point in my life though.

  13. vagranttraveler

    Amazing photos! And congrats on being Freshly Pressed :)

  14. Lovely photos! I was in Oslo last January but it was much to cold for my taste, your photos might bring me back for a summer visit.

    • myluckytown – Author

      Hi :) thanks for the comment. I haven’t heard that song, but I wll watch the YT clip. Thanks for sharing.

  15. That photo of a bicycle with a woven basket made me miss my bicycle with a woven basket. Love it.

  16. Sarah D.

    I was in Oslo way back in the late 1960s or early 1970s and was enchanted by it. It appears that I would be again today. Thanks for the beautiful pictures.

  17. my old editor used to say the simple test of any travel writing, or indeed any writing about a place, (“travel” writing or not) was if it made you want to go there and see it for yourself. Your post did exactly that. Love it. Keep up the good work.

  18. nice details! even though i live in finland, i’ve never been to oslo (only to northern norway), and i’d love to visit… looks like a nice and cozy place!

  19. Wow! I’m amazed the pictures are soo beutiful! I love Oslo, or should I say Norwegian :) I don’t know if you understand Swedish för i sånna fall kan jag skriva på svenska! Men oootroligt fina bilder återigen! :D

    • myluckytown – Author

      Hei og takk! Jeg er oppvokst på SVT1 og SVT2 (som to av tre tv-kanaler vi hadde), så jeg forstår svensk godt! Takk for fine ord :)

  20. do you notice a pattern in the pictures?
    things that are either unique, or so common that are generally ignored.

    beautifully captured. great colours and focusing.

  21. did you notice a pattern. each captured object is either unique…or so common that is generally ignored.

    lovely captures. great colours and focus

  22. AMD

    I love this photo set! And the vintage feel to them.
    Do you mind sharing the Photoshop action you might’ve used to edit them – or any tips as to how you edited them to look vintage?

    • myluckytown – Author

      Thank you! :) I didn’t use Photoshop, but another programme called Photoscape. It’s free and lets you play with colors / tones etc.

  23. Amazing how you see things and capture them through your photographs. I love all the photographs taken! The colors, the perspective, and the objects! Great, great photos!

  24. Gorgeous photos! When I was in college, I met quite a few foreign exchange students from Oslo- I’ve heard that it’s an amazing place! When I manage to go to Europe again (without being guilted into only going to Poland by my family), I will certainly check it out myself :)

    • myluckytown – Author

      You’re coming to Oslo? Cool. Good luck on your trip and welcome :)

  25. stunning. i was born in Oslo, but only have vague memories…it’s good to see some real images! what camera do you use?

    • myluckytown – Author

      Thank you! I’m happy I could attatch some photos to your vague memories. On these photos I used my Canon 450D and a what I think was my 50 mm lens.

  26. Renard Moreau

    [ Smiles ] Wow! Your photos are most outstanding.

    Please keep up the good work!

  27. Sum

    BEAUTIFUL photos! :) I know exactly what you mean about living in the same city, but not visiting a local places.

  28. Gorgeous pics and Oslo looks really pretty :)

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