Into the forrest

I went home to my parents place last weekend. Saturday I went to a birthday party, to celebrate one of my best friend (Linda) and another friend. The weather was supposed to be great this weekend, with lots of sun and fairly warm weather. My plan was to go out on a phototrip on saturday, but it was too windy so I opted out. Instead I went out on sunday. It was oh so lovely.

The place where I come from is very small and when you walk by foot you have to walk quite far to find new places to photograph. I decided to explore a part of my neighbours(Linda’s dad) forrest – or what’s left of it. Not long ago he decided to cut down a lot of trees. It was a much needed thing to do, because the trees were old and not in a very good condition. A huge part of the forrest is gone and I was curious about what it looked like now.

I’ve always been drawn to the forrest, in daytime that is. I don’t like being in the forrest at evenings/night. I find it a bit scary. In daytime, it’s a whole other story. I like the smell, the sounds, the tall trees, all the different green colors (my fave color is green!) etc.

That forrest holds so many great memories from my childhood. I’ve spent a lot of time inside it. Here I want to share a few with you:

  • My friend Linda and I, we had a small cabin that forrest. Linda’s brother helped us build it. It was so much fun building tha cabin. Unfortunately it got torn down. One time Linda’s brother got so angry at Linda that he went up to the cabin and smashed most of it. I remember being so sad.
  • Linda and I, we also had sort of a cabin inside her parents’ barn. Her dad and brother built a room with four walls inside the barn, with a window and an opening so we had way to get in. The room was furnished with some old kitchen cabinets, two tables and two chairs, a bunk bed made of pallets, and a oven made out of wood boards. Outside the room with had a store which we called 1000 things with sold old porcelain and a grocerystore. We played that we were two kids living together who was going to open a restaurant. The food we needed for our restaurant, we found up in the woods. We collected pine cones, leaves, moss etc.
  • There is a trail going through that forrest up to a tiny lake. I’ve been up there lots of times; both winter and summer. On wintertime we took our skis with us. It was ok to go uphill, but down it was a bit more scarier. It went fast and I didn’t have much balance, so I fell a lot. My friend Linda wasn’t scared at all and went downhill in full force.
  • When I was younger my dad always went to the forrest find a Christmas tree. I used to tag along and so did my sister occationally. We either found a tree in our own forrest or one of the neighbour forrests. One year, when I was 14 and my sister was 18, my dad was sick before Christmas and my sister and me, we had to get that years Christmas trees. We didn’t only need one, we needed three! One for our grandparents, one for my dads aunts and one for our own livingroom. We struggled a lot, but managed to come home with three trees. Dad said they were good, but has later confessed they weren’t all that good after all. He told a white lie, not to hurt us.

Here are some photos from yesterdays trip to the forrest.

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