Yesterday I went to a photofair in Lillestrøm, a town nearby. My friend Ellen came with me. It was a good fair. We got to see a lot of great photographes; some stunning headshots, provocatives photos, awesome nature and animal captures.There was also a section of photographes with contributors from all over Norway. FotoVideo had a collaberation with a newspaper and you could submit photos and they would pick out a collection which was presented on the fair. I wish I had sent in some photos, but I totally forgot to do so.

I have to say I was a bit disappointed that FotoVideo didn’t show up as big as they did last year. Last year they had a big shop open at the fair with good deals. This year they didn’t. Japan Photo was big this year, but they didn’t have any good deals for me. I wished they would have the Canon 7D on sale, but no luck.

In addition to the photofair, there was also a travelfair which we visited. It was smaller than last year, but still fun to be there.

I took some photos while being at the fair and after when we went for pizza. Here are a few of them:

Who can resist a happy SpungeBob? And what about that happy garbage-can? It’s cute, isn’t it? The signatur on the last photo is of our King, Harald. He laid the first brick in what later became a big fair venue.

After the fair we went to Egon to eat. That resturant chain always has a lot of great stuff on their walls and inside shelfs; mostly old things. A funny thing is that over the table we sat, there was a shelf filled with old cameras. We ate a lovely pizza. Since we like different things ontop of the pizza, we choose to get a half and half. My part was ham and miushroom. Ellen’s part was a little bit more exciting and contained sundried tomatoes, feta cheese and red onions.

One response to Photofair

  1. ellen

    Brill photos from a very nice day :) Well until I lost all my houses while playing Monopoly in the evening ;)

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