Scouting for bikes

I went downtown after I left work today. Along with me, I had my new camera. I was eager to test it out some more. The sun was shining and it was very hot outside to be late March. I heard on the news this evening that it has been the warmest day in March in history. According to the Meteorological Institute, at some point today it was 21 degrees outside. I doubt it was that when I was walking downtown, but a bit earlier today.

Instead of walking around shooting everything interesting I saw, I decided to focus on bikes today. Sometimes it’s good to have a subject focus on. Today was on of those day.

While walking around taking photographs, I still get looks. There are lots of people wondering what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. When it comes to people looking at me, I don’t think they necessarily look at me because I photograph. I think it’s more related to what I’m photographing. Like today, there was a man half laughing at me because I on my knees photographing a bike saddle. OK, it might have looked a bit weird, but there are lots of weird things happening in this world; a lot weirder things than me photographing a bike saddle too.

I try not to let it bother / affect me, but it’s not always easy. I’ve gotten way better than I used to be, but I still have a way to go. I still have some time before I’m totally unaffected of people around me and just photograph what I want. When I photograph bikes, I sometimes worry that the owner of the bike is just around the corner and will catch me photographing their bike. It’s happened before and at the time, I felt quite awkward. Today no such thing happened.

Anyways… here is todays collections of bikes, bells, saddles, pedals etc.

Hello new camera!

A week ago I got my tax papers back. It was a nervouse moment when I checked my taxes online, would I get money back or not? I had a feeling I would get some back, but had no idea how much. To my big surprise I got a pretty nice chunk of money back. I had promised myself, that if I got enough money back on my taxes I would buy myself a new camera.

For a long time I’ve been drooling over the Canon 7D. It has been high on my wishlist among other things like travelling, photo printer/scanner, a Holga, lots of new scrapping stuff, a bunch of new clothes etc. I debated weather using my money on various of things or on that ONE item. Guess who won? Yep. You’ve guessed right, the Canon 7D! You should’ve seen me in the photo store on friday evening. I walked around in the shop, looking at various cameras and lenses, before I went and got a ‘queue ticket’ (or what it’s called…). Even though I really wanted the camera, it’s still a bit scary using that much amount of money at one time. So I kinda had to man up, before I bought it.

Now that I’ve had the camera for few days, I can’t say I regret it. It’s awesome. It got 18 megapixles, ISO up to 12800, filming in full HD, 19 AF points to mention a few things. I haven’t been able to go on a long photo trip with it yet, but I’ve managed to test it out.

On sunday, it was really sunny outside. I was back home for a day and a half and got the chance to go out to shoot some. It’s the very end of winter and in really early stage of spring. The snow is gone, but it’s not very green outside yet. Well, even though it wasn’t green outside, at least it was really sunny. The sky was blue and I got a few photos. Here they are, along with the photo on top.


This coming weekend, I hope to get out on a long photowalk. I need to test it out more, and soon! I’ve already planned where to go. Hopefully you will be able to see some more photographes taken with my new camera soon!


Pieces of Oslo

For those who read my last post, you know I went on a long photo trip on last sunday with a friend. We were out walking for over four hours. There is a lot of things you are able to see in that  amount of time, both new and old things.

We started to walk outside the city center and walked all the way to the center of Oslo. I’ve been wondering lately, since I’ve been around lots of places in Oslo, is there any places left we haven’t photographed? Any place interesting that is. I’ve lived in Oslo for ten years and even though this city isn’t all that big, there is still places I haven’t been. On sunday I visited, among places I’ve been lots of times before,  places I haven’t been before.

I guess it takes a while before I’ve photographed all there is to photograph in Oslo. The most obvious places is already been covered, but if you’re willing to walk a bit and go to places outside the city center, you might find other interesting places as well. If you decide to go to places you’ve been before, you might discover something new as well.

Here is what I discovered last sunday:

Oslo in colors

Yesterday I went on a long photo trip. I was out for almost five hours I think. The weather was great. It was sunny and not very cold. The sunglasses had to come out! When I came home, I had 230 photos on my memory card. After some eating and relaxing on the couch, I was ready to go through the big amount of photos and process the ones I liked. In the middle of that process, I found out I needed two blog post to cover all the photos I want to show.

This first blog post will be about colors and graffiti. I saw some awesome graffiti yesterday. In additon to what I saw yesterday, I have some colorful photos from a previous photo trip I want to show as well.

This will be the most colorful post I’ve had in a long time. I think it will be long before I’ll get a new post as colorful as this too.

Into the forrest

I went home to my parents place last weekend. Saturday I went to a birthday party, to celebrate one of my best friend (Linda) and another friend. The weather was supposed to be great this weekend, with lots of sun and fairly warm weather. My plan was to go out on a phototrip on saturday, but it was too windy so I opted out. Instead I went out on sunday. It was oh so lovely.

The place where I come from is very small and when you walk by foot you have to walk quite far to find new places to photograph. I decided to explore a part of my neighbours(Linda’s dad) forrest – or what’s left of it. Not long ago he decided to cut down a lot of trees. It was a much needed thing to do, because the trees were old and not in a very good condition. A huge part of the forrest is gone and I was curious about what it looked like now.

I’ve always been drawn to the forrest, in daytime that is. I don’t like being in the forrest at evenings/night. I find it a bit scary. In daytime, it’s a whole other story. I like the smell, the sounds, the tall trees, all the different green colors (my fave color is green!) etc.

That forrest holds so many great memories from my childhood. I’ve spent a lot of time inside it. Here I want to share a few with you:

  • My friend Linda and I, we had a small cabin that forrest. Linda’s brother helped us build it. It was so much fun building tha cabin. Unfortunately it got torn down. One time Linda’s brother got so angry at Linda that he went up to the cabin and smashed most of it. I remember being so sad.
  • Linda and I, we also had sort of a cabin inside her parents’ barn. Her dad and brother built a room with four walls inside the barn, with a window and an opening so we had way to get in. The room was furnished with some old kitchen cabinets, two tables and two chairs, a bunk bed made of pallets, and a oven made out of wood boards. Outside the room with had a store which we called 1000 things with sold old porcelain and a grocerystore. We played that we were two kids living together who was going to open a restaurant. The food we needed for our restaurant, we found up in the woods. We collected pine cones, leaves, moss etc.
  • There is a trail going through that forrest up to a tiny lake. I’ve been up there lots of times; both winter and summer. On wintertime we took our skis with us. It was ok to go uphill, but down it was a bit more scarier. It went fast and I didn’t have much balance, so I fell a lot. My friend Linda wasn’t scared at all and went downhill in full force.
  • When I was younger my dad always went to the forrest find a Christmas tree. I used to tag along and so did my sister occationally. We either found a tree in our own forrest or one of the neighbour forrests. One year, when I was 14 and my sister was 18, my dad was sick before Christmas and my sister and me, we had to get that years Christmas trees. We didn’t only need one, we needed three! One for our grandparents, one for my dads aunts and one for our own livingroom. We struggled a lot, but managed to come home with three trees. Dad said they were good, but has later confessed they weren’t all that good after all. He told a white lie, not to hurt us.

Here are some photos from yesterdays trip to the forrest.


Yesterday I went to a photofair in Lillestrøm, a town nearby. My friend Ellen came with me. It was a good fair. We got to see a lot of great photographes; some stunning headshots, provocatives photos, awesome nature and animal captures.There was also a section of photographes with contributors from all over Norway. FotoVideo had a collaberation with a newspaper and you could submit photos and they would pick out a collection which was presented on the fair. I wish I had sent in some photos, but I totally forgot to do so.

I have to say I was a bit disappointed that FotoVideo didn’t show up as big as they did last year. Last year they had a big shop open at the fair with good deals. This year they didn’t. Japan Photo was big this year, but they didn’t have any good deals for me. I wished they would have the Canon 7D on sale, but no luck.

In addition to the photofair, there was also a travelfair which we visited. It was smaller than last year, but still fun to be there.

I took some photos while being at the fair and after when we went for pizza. Here are a few of them:

Who can resist a happy SpungeBob? And what about that happy garbage-can? It’s cute, isn’t it? The signatur on the last photo is of our King, Harald. He laid the first brick in what later became a big fair venue.

After the fair we went to Egon to eat. That resturant chain always has a lot of great stuff on their walls and inside shelfs; mostly old things. A funny thing is that over the table we sat, there was a shelf filled with old cameras. We ate a lovely pizza. Since we like different things ontop of the pizza, we choose to get a half and half. My part was ham and miushroom. Ellen’s part was a little bit more exciting and contained sundried tomatoes, feta cheese and red onions.

No more posts.