I <3 bikes

There is no news I’m quite obsessed with bikes. There is just something so beautiful about old bikes. When I was at the photo trip on saturday, I found some bikes to photograph. It never goes a photo trip without me shooting a bike.

The top photograph was taken outside a bike shop called ‘the rusty spoke’. The tiny bike is such a cute bike.

The blue bike on the three last photos is actual a bike I’ve photographed before (see it here). When I saw it, at the exact same spot as almost two years ago, I thought ‘hey, it’s still here. Let’s photograph it again’. I was happy when I saw it, because it’s a beautiful bike.

My collections of bikes is growing. Maybe I some time in the future needs to make myself a book with all these lovely bikes? It’s an idea worth thinking about.

4 responses to I <3 bikes

    • myluckytown – Author

      Thanks for visiting my blog and leave a comment. Bikes are beautiful, right? Especially the old ones :D

  1. Keep the collection growing, it’s amazing! You are definitely making me think that for our trip to Norway we should expect bikes everywhere!

    • myluckytown – Author

      Thank you! I’m glad someone else than me likes them too :) Ahem… I wouldn’t go so far to say you would expect bikes everywhere. I think it’s more like the fact that I’m very good at spotting cool, beautiful, old bikes ;)

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