Phototrip: Tiger City

Today I went on my first photo trip of 2012. My friend Ellen went with me. I had marked this day all week, because the forecast said it would be good weather today; sunny and not very cold.

Oslo is known as Tiger City. It was the Norwegian poet Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson who used it for the first time in a poem from 1870. At the beginning the name didn’t have anything positive attached to it, but it’s different today. People use it in a positive way. Close to the central station, there is a sculpture of a tiger, which you can above.

Almost every time I’m out on a phototrip, I just hop on a bus/tram/subway and pick a place randomly. I try to explore places I haven’t seen before. Oslo isn’t very big, but there is still places I haven’t been. Today we took the subway to Majorstuen, a place west in Oslo. From there we started to walk towards the city center. We didn’t follow a specific route, we just walked where we saw things worth photographing. If we saw something interesting at the end of a side street, we went there. After photographing what we say, we could go back the same way we came or just follow another street. It’s fun walking in Oslo that way.

Today we saw a lot of different things worth photographing. After being out for almost four hours I had taken 226 photos! That’s quite a lot. I decided to go hunt some great doors to shoot as well; I found quite a few. In fact I found so many that I need to give them a separate post. They deserve that. So what I’ll post now is a variety of things seen today.

I couldn’t be on a photo trip wihtout photograph a bike, could I? No, of course not. The dark green color was what made me stop and photograph this bike. The color is just awesome. Green is my favourit color; it has been that for years now.

The typography is awesome in these shots, except the last one that is; that’s just a lot of bricks.

Someone has written ‘you look good’ in the snow at the top car photo. We walked in a street and Ellen sees a Porche Boxer. She said it was a great car and asked if I agreed. As she asked me I saw the Citröen C2V. I pointed at the car and said I liked this one more. The car is so cute!

This is what I have to show today. I will post my second post about the doors later, maybe already tomorrow.

Things that makes me happy: Eggs

Eggs are one of my favourite things to eat; especially for breakfast. But I can eat eggs whenever. It doesn’t matter how they are made; I love scrambled eggs, hard boiled eggs, smiling eggs, omelette, fried egg. The only thing I don’t eat is raw eggs. I draw the limit there.

Eggs are something you’ll always find in my fridge. Aside from eating eggs as a part of a meal, eggs are one of the main ingredients of baking. Anyone who knows me, knows that I love to bake. I get the urge to bake on the strangest times and then it’s necessary to have eggs within arms reach.

This morning I had a boiled egg for breakfast. The egg was a bit runny, as you can see on the second photo below, but I really like it that way.

The three top photos were taken today, but the two last ones are from the archive.

The new year

A new year has arrived. I thought it was time to blog again. It has been a while since last time, sadly. I don’t blog nearly as often as I want to. There is many reasons for that. Lately I’ve been quite pre-occupied with other things. There was Christmas and Christmas always brings a lot of preparations to do. A week before Christmas I still had Christmas cards left to make and I hand’t started on the gift tags I had planned to make. There were gifts to buy and gifts to wrap. There were also a social happenings; the offices Christmas party and a friends birthday party. I entered the new year being sick; had a severe cold. So there hasn’t been much time for blogging and being creative.

A new year always makes me… I don’t really know how to explain. I am full of ideas and got a big urge to be super creative; I want to do all sorts of stuff and blog about it. There is nothing like being creative. It makes me happy. It keeps me alive.

I’ve been thinking about what I want to do this year.


  • I want to start on a new project. I am not thinking of a big project like a 365-challange (366 this year, since it’s 366 days in 2012), but a smaller one. It would rather be a 30 days of… or something like that. I’ve done a food themed project and that was fun. My 90 days of summer project was also fun. I need to ponder a bit more on what my new project’s theme will be.
  • Start up my door project again. I think I’ve talked a bit this before. I want to continue shooting doors. My plan is to make a book out of it called ‘doors of Oslo’. Oslo is not as great as Ireland/Dublin regarding doors, but there sure is some great doors in Oslo as well. All might not be as colorful as the doors in Ireland, but I’m sure I will find more great doors.
  • Take more black and white photos. I want to take monochrome photos on a more regular basis.


  • I want to finish my 2010 in photos book. I’ve started it and has choosen almost all the photos I want in it. I miss some fall photos, but they are not on my computer, but on my dads actually.
  • Create a book about doors of Oslo. I still need to shoot some more doors. I don’t have nearly enough. I want more special doors.


  • Start making Christmas cards early. I already have an order on 10 Christmas cards. And I know mum needs 20 this year too. My plan is to make some cards every month. Then it won’t be so much to do in November and December. It will prevent me from being tired of making the cards either.
  • Make more cards. And send more cards. I know I love getting cards in the mail. I also love giving. So I’m going to send more cards; not only for Christmas and birthdays, but also surprise cards like ‘happy holidays’, ‘happy Easter’ or just a ‘happy friday’.

I also wish to blog more regularly. Where have I heard that before? I’ve said it more than once before. I’ve proved to myself and this blog that blogging regularly is not easy. So I shouldn’t talk too loud about that. Many times before have I thought that ‘now I’m going to blog more often, at least twice a week, if not more often’. It has last only a few weeks and then I’ve fallen back into old habbits.

This reminds me of what I was thinking about when I wanted to write about the start of 2012. I wanted to write about not making any New Years resolutions. I always fail keeping them, so I think it’s best not to have any. I know that’s a bit defensive and that a very enthusiastic, optimistic, motivator / coach would say that if I’m thinking negativly like that, I surely won’t acomplish anything at all. I agree, but when history has repeated itself over and over, it’s hard to have high hopes.

Reading what I’ve written so far, makes me see I have hopes for the new year. I don’t want to call it New Years Resolutions, because it sounds so formal. I’m just gonna keep this as my wishes for the new, creative, year. This blog will tell me if my wish comes true or not.



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