Phototrip: exploring new places

Yesterday I went on a new photo trip. I went with my photographer friend Ellen again. We did like last time, picked a place randomly. This time we used a map. We had to take a bus and on our way to the starting point of our trip, we talked so much that we missed it. We ended up a few stops further, but that didn’t really matter. We don’t really know what to expect when we go on these trips. Since we try to explore places we’ve never been at, we don’t know what there is to photograph there.

Yesterday we started our trip in Nydalen; a place with lots of apartments and some places that still are under construction. We walked in an area that is a bit far from the city center. That meant not much stores, restaurants, cafes or people. With the lack of these things, I quite early found out that I was going to look for doors. Even though I found a lot of doors, I also managed to photograph other things.

I will devote this post to all the different things I saw yesterday and show you the doors another time.

The margarine factory. Use to be a factory, but is now rebuilt to be a huge daycare center. I was a little bit annoyed that the car was in the way of a great photo. But when the car was there, I’m pleased it was yellow at least.

Inside a cemetery. We saw a house that looked interesting, so we went inside. I loved all the tall trees we saw.

That Fiat 500 on the top photo is so friggen awesome. So tiny and so cute! I managed to find an old bike on this trip as well; a red beauty.

I’m not a dog person, but what a cute dog. I was eating a bun while approaching him with my camera and he sure wanted that bun.

Bislett Stadium was built for the Olympics in Oslo in 1952. The statue in the second photo is of Hjalmar ‘Hjallis’ Andersen. He was a speed skater who won tree gold medals in the Olympics in Oslo in ’52.

7 responses to Phototrip: exploring new places

  1. Rozbeh Zavari

    Great pictures!… i love the vintage look… :)… er fra danmark, og håber du bliver ved med at blogge, er du fra oslo eller hvor i norge?… :)

    • myluckytown – Author

      Thanks for commenting on my blog. Happy to hear you like my photos. I come from a place east of Oslo, but I live in Oslo.

      • Rozbeh Zavari

        Nice, are you a hobby photographer or?… im from Aarhus (denmark)… ;)

    • myluckytown – Author

      Thank you, Ellen :) I love our walks too. Next time, you’ll decide where to go!

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