Phototrip: Tiger City

Today I went on my first photo trip of 2012. My friend Ellen went with me. I had marked this day all week, because the forecast said it would be good weather today; sunny and not very cold.

Oslo is known as Tiger City. It was the Norwegian poet Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson who used it for the first time in a poem from 1870. At the beginning the name didn’t have anything positive attached to it, but it’s different today. People use it in a positive way. Close to the central station, there is a sculpture of a tiger, which you can above.

Almost every time I’m out on a phototrip, I just hop on a bus/tram/subway and pick a place randomly. I try to explore places I haven’t seen before. Oslo isn’t very big, but there is still places I haven’t been. Today we took the subway to Majorstuen, a place west in Oslo. From there we started to walk towards the city center. We didn’t follow a specific route, we just walked where we saw things worth photographing. If we saw something interesting at the end of a side street, we went there. After photographing what we say, we could go back the same way we came or just follow another street. It’s fun walking in Oslo that way.

Today we saw a lot of different things worth photographing. After being out for almost four hours I had taken 226 photos! That’s quite a lot. I decided to go hunt some great doors to shoot as well; I found quite a few. In fact I found so many that I need to give them a separate post. They deserve that. So what I’ll post now is a variety of things seen today.

I couldn’t be on a photo trip wihtout photograph a bike, could I? No, of course not. The dark green color was what made me stop and photograph this bike. The color is just awesome. Green is my favourit color; it has been that for years now.

The typography is awesome in these shots, except the last one that is; that’s just a lot of bricks.

Someone has written ‘you look good’ in the snow at the top car photo. We walked in a street and Ellen sees a Porche Boxer. She said it was a great car and asked if I agreed. As she asked me I saw the Citröen C2V. I pointed at the car and said I liked this one more. The car is so cute!

This is what I have to show today. I will post my second post about the doors later, maybe already tomorrow.

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