Phototrip: winter edition

I’m spending the sunday at Lierfoss and took the oportunety to go out and photograph. The sun was missing, the sky was one big cloud, but that didn’t stop me; everything is better than darkness.

As so many times before I got looks when I was out photographing. People in cars looked strangly at me. One guy stared really hard. I bet he was wondering what the heck I was doing, standing at the sidewalk looking up, aiming some tree tops with my camera. At first I sighed, then I smiled and continued. I am well aware of that I might look weird some times when I photograph; I can stand on my knees , I can bend to one side, I can look up with my camera, I can point the camera on my shoes, I can the camera at a glass wall – shooting the relection of me… A lot of people don’t get what I’m doing and therefore they stare at me wondering what I’m doing. I know they are thinking that and more than often I feel like staring back asking them if they need any help, asking if they’ve never seen a camera before… anything to make them uncomfortable/embarrased. I never do it though, at least not talk to them. I sigh quietly  and ocationally stare back.

Anyway… this post wasn’t going to be a rant about people not understanding why I photograph or how I do it. It was supposed to be a post about the love for snow, winter, trees and forrest, because I love all those things. There is something pretty about snow coated trees or entire landscapes covered in snow.

Here’s some shot from today:

No, it’s not a snowstorm; it’s just the work of a snow blower.

Goodies from January

I love finding new gems. There hasn’t been much shopping lately, but I’ve managed to get a few. So I thought I should photograph them and share them on my blog.

A new scarf I bought last weekend. It was on supersale; I paid only 30 NOK, one third of the original price. I love the read and creamy color combination.

This is a journal from Paperblanks. I’m not going use it as a journal, but as a book to keep my food recipies. I already got one, but it’s falling apart. So I thought it was time to buy a new one and transfer all my recipies. A few weeks ago I went looking for a new one and stumbled upon this pretty journal. It was a bit pricy, but I knew I had to buy it. The cover is so pretty I couldn’t leave it. So far I’ve only written down three recipies, but more will come shortly.

A few days ago this is what I found in my mail. A new Backstreets magazine. Totally took me by surprise. I don’t remember have suscribed that magazine in a while. Oh well, I’m not complaining. I haven’t gotten around to read it yet, due to the book Sara’s Key that I’m currently reading. But I’m looking forward to sink down in the couch and read every word of it. It’s a ‘Springsteen-year’ this year, with new album and world tour. What’s a better way to get in the right mood than reading a new issue of Backstreets?

Phototrip: doors, doors and more doors

As stated in my previous post, I went on a photo trip last saturday. In addition to various things, I photographed doors. After I came home and had looked through all the photos I’d taken, I found out I really like blue and green doors. They are usually the prettiest one. Brown and grey doors are usually a bit duller. I wouldn’t mind a orange, purple or yellow door, but they are hard to find. It is sure on my list of things to look for and I do, but so far this year I haven’t spotted any.

What I have spotted is this:

Out of these doors I think I like the top door best; with the blue color and the horisontal lines. I also like the green door very much as well. The color is gorgeous and the vertical glasses is a nice touch.

Which door like you the  most?


Phototrip: exploring new places

Yesterday I went on a new photo trip. I went with my photographer friend Ellen again. We did like last time, picked a place randomly. This time we used a map. We had to take a bus and on our way to the starting point of our trip, we talked so much that we missed it. We ended up a few stops further, but that didn’t really matter. We don’t really know what to expect when we go on these trips. Since we try to explore places we’ve never been at, we don’t know what there is to photograph there.

Yesterday we started our trip in Nydalen; a place with lots of apartments and some places that still are under construction. We walked in an area that is a bit far from the city center. That meant not much stores, restaurants, cafes or people. With the lack of these things, I quite early found out that I was going to look for doors. Even though I found a lot of doors, I also managed to photograph other things.

I will devote this post to all the different things I saw yesterday and show you the doors another time.

The margarine factory. Use to be a factory, but is now rebuilt to be a huge daycare center. I was a little bit annoyed that the car was in the way of a great photo. But when the car was there, I’m pleased it was yellow at least.

Inside a cemetery. We saw a house that looked interesting, so we went inside. I loved all the tall trees we saw.

That Fiat 500 on the top photo is so friggen awesome. So tiny and so cute! I managed to find an old bike on this trip as well; a red beauty.

I’m not a dog person, but what a cute dog. I was eating a bun while approaching him with my camera and he sure wanted that bun.

Bislett Stadium was built for the Olympics in Oslo in 1952. The statue in the second photo is of Hjalmar ‘Hjallis’ Andersen. He was a speed skater who won tree gold medals in the Olympics in Oslo in ’52.

What’s in my fridge?

There has been a lot of thinking about food lately. So s few days ago I thought it was about time to do another ‘what’s-in-my-frigde’ shot. Before I took photos of my fridge, I had to clean it. I also had to get rid of some old stuff. So I’m happy with my idea, because I got to tidy up the fridge.

From the top left:

  1. tin box with macrell in tomato sauce, cream cheese, liverpaste, cooking cream, water and a plastic box with saussage.
  2. Margarin, butter, different kinds of cheese (tomato cheese, goat cheese etc), saussage.
  3. cucumber, box with gravy, cauliflower on top, eggs.
  4. empty box, milk (2 x 1,75litre), an orange, apple cider, rice porrige
  5. potatoes, carrots.

From top right:

  1. lots of eggs.
  2. chocolate
  3. ketchup, garlic, wasabi paste, bag with mushrooms

I’ve also taken a few photos other food related photos the last days. A few days ago I made creamy mushrooms as a side dish for my pork. Oh so yummy.

Cooking cream is really good to have in your frigde. It makes food so much better, if you add some cream.

This morning I baked bread. It’s really easy when you  buy a package with pre-mixed flour and just add yeast and water. I got two big breads. I normally freeze one and a half bread, so they won’t go gry before I got a chance to eat it. My freezer was almost full; I only could place one bread in there. Half a bread I kept in a bag and the second half I gave to my sister.

It is time go make some dinner. Nom, nom, nom.

Food photography

I have a growing fascination for food photography. Last year I did a food project. It was an ABC; where I first took a  photo of something food related starting on the letter A, then B, so C etc. It was a  lot of fun and it made me want to photograph more food related things. I’ve been photographing food on and off before I started that project and after I ended the project. All food shots can be seen in my food set on flickr.

I’ve been in a creative mood lately and ideas are popping up. Now I’ve decided that I want to start photographing food more regularly again.  It is very difficult to nail a good food shot, but very satisfying when you do. I’m not great at photographing food and even though I’ve received some fairly good comments on my food photography, I want to get even better. And how to get better? Practice! So that’s my plan.

I am a very picky eater. I’ve been that all my life. There is a lot of things I don’t eat. When I talk to people about me being picky, I always say it’s easier to tell you what I eat than what I don’t eat. It’s not in particular fun when I have to say no to things like salads, ketchup, tomatoes, feta cheese, olives, red onions, pickles, sushi, curry, french fries, coffee, lemonade and so on. It limits me; more than I like to admit. It isn’t any that I’m always the one they need to take into consideration when food has been made. I’m tired of the phrase ‘sorry, I don’t like that’.

From early age I have the idea that I don’t like something whether I’ve tasted it or not. That is not a good point of view. One should have an open mind regarding food and one shouldn’t say ‘I don’t like it’ until one has tasted  it; not once, but at least a couple of times.

I am not good enough when it comes to taste new types of food. I can’t put a finger on why I hesitate so much. I really don’t know why; I just do.

Last time I remember when I tried something new was at the Christmas Party with the company I worked for. We went out to eat and as a starter we got cured deer. I like things that are cured and I like deer, but I had no idea if I would like cured deer. A little suspicious, I took a bite of the starter. I just had to, or I would sit there looking like an idiot; and I didn’t want that. Oh man, I was glad I tasted it. Cured deer was great! It reminded me a bit of cured ham which I love. It was very yummy.

In the last four years or something, I think I can count on one hand how many new things I’ve tasted and liked. How sad isn’t that? Five or less. What I can think of is smoked salmon, mushrooms and cured deer.

Pesto is a thing I’m trying to like. I tried it on salmon last fall when I visited my sister. It wasn’t bad. Later, I’ve also tried it on pasta and I didn’t like that too much. I think I need to get used to the taste a bit more. I’m planning to make pesto something I can eat without hesitating. Pesto is going to be my number four thing I’ve learned to eat.

Phew, that was a long rant about my eating disabilities, if you can put it like that. Not sure why it got mixed up with my post about photographing food, but it was nice get it off my chest.

The last days I’ve been taking photos while making dinner /snacks. Here are a few of them. Due to lack of daylight, they are noisier than I would like. But if I’m not only going to photograph things on saturdays and sundays when I can photograph during daylight, I have to settle with a bit of noise.

Mushrooms are something I’ve only eaten the resent years. They taste good when just chopped up and fried, but they taste even better if you add some butter, cream, salt and pepper. Then you got creamy mushrooms. Fits perfect with beef.

Meatballs; I made them today. Oh so lovely.

Late evening snack. Bananas with sugar and cold milk. Yum! I remember eating that as desert when I visited my grandparents when I was young.

Look out for more food shots in the future.




The door is open again

Like I’ve said before, I’m taking up my door project. Karin pointed out in a comment on one of my posts that a book with doors of Oslo would be great as a coffee table book. I have to agree with her. So know I’m on the look out for the best doors of Oslo. I want the doors that stands out; the special ones; the ones that people points at and say ‘hey, that was a great door’.

Yesterday when I was out photographing, I also photographed doors. Here are a selection of the best doors that I found yesterday.

If you’re not satisfied and want to see more doors, go look at my door set on flickr. You’ll get 201 doors there. I hope that will satisfy your door kick.

More doors to come in the future. Stay tuned.

No more posts.