Things that makes me happy: dark chocolate from Freia

Yesterday after I left the office, I went downtown because I had some errands to run. One of the things that was on my to-do list, was to go to Freia’s chocolate store. Freia is a Norwegian chocolate brand, now owned by Crafts Food. Freia  has a little chocolate store downtown where you can buy bite-sized pieces of chocolate. My friend, who lives outside Oslo, asked me to stop buy and buy some chocolate for her. So I did.

When going to the counter to pay for the chocolate I had picked, I saw something made my heart almost skip a beat. Freia has this box of chocolate; it contains a various pieces of dark chocolate and some light chocolate. In that box(top picture) they got dark chocolate sticks with a taste of orange which is so heavenly good. It’s one of my fave type of chocolate. Behind the counter, made by glass, I see that you don’t have to buy the whole box of chocolate, but you can get that single type separately.

Oh my gosh!

Seeing that chocolate, was the highlight of yesterday. I instantly knew I had to buy some of that chocolate with orange, no matter what it costed. I ended up with 20 pieces. It wasn’t cheap; I think it costs about three times the normal chocolate, but it was so worth it.

I just had to photograph them.  In addition to being delicious, they are quite pretty as well. Yesterday I was writing about not being able to photograph enough these days, so when I had something to photograph, I couldn’t let the opportunity pass me.

This is licorice; bite-sized confectionery found in a plastic bag called that is named Twist. The bag contains different bite-sized pieces of various flavours; mostly chocolates with some sort of filling. In stead of buying a whole bag with different pieces, you can pick the pieces you like. So if the there is a piece you like very well, you can buy many of that and you can leave out the ones you don’t like.

The licorice confectionery I gave to mum. The chocolate sticks with orange is all gone now.

Nom. Nom. Nom.

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