Where does the photos end up?

In 365 days there is a lot of time to take a lot of photographes and I take a lot. I usually bring my camera with me where ever I go, because I wouldn’t miss a big photo opportunety.

So what happens with my photos after I’ve taken them?

I  upload all my photos to my laptop. They are devided into dated folders. I go through all my photos and delete the worste. Some I don’t touch but some are good enough to be processed. After I’ve done my post processing, I move the photo into a new folder called ‘the real deal’.  Photos that turns up in that folder either get posted on my blog or uploaded to flickr. A few of my photographes get printed and hung up on my wall.

But what happenes with the photos after that?


After I’ve uploaded the best photos to my flickr account and put them on my blog, they kind of get forgotten. I never print photographes and put them in albums anymore. Recently I looked at my photo albums and I think the last photos are from 2002 or 2003. I know I have a quite a huge batch of photos that’s not in any album; they’re just collecting dust in a drawer. Putting photos in albums are such a boring job and that’s why the batch of photos now is collecting dust. That is also why I haven’t printed any photos to put in albums after 2003.

The fact that all my photos only can be found on my computer or somewhere on the www, is sad. It doesn’t do my photos justice. I’ve spent so many hours photographing and I don’t do anything with them. Of course they serve their purpose on flickr; people can see them and comment on them. I share my photos with the entire world so to speak. But after they’ve been posted, theyget forgotten in a way. The end up like one of many photos in a line.

Last week I came across the blog of a flickr-contact called Cindy. She blogged about making a yearbook; a book containg photos taken a spesfic year. What a brilliant idea.  Instantly I wanted to make one myself. I found her blog during a five  minute break I had at the officed and got so excited I couldn’t wait until I got home and could start on the book. It took a while before my mind could stop thinking about the book and focus on my job again.

Now I’ve started on making a book containing photos taken in 2011. I’m printing my book at blurb.com; they are good. There are a lot of photos to choose from, so only deciding what photos to pick is a huge task. Then there is the arrangement of the photos. In which order to put them. Not to make complete mess, I’ve decided to put them in categories like food, animals, Oslo in b&w, Oslo in color, bikes etc.

I’m having a lot of fun doing this. Photos I’ve already forgot, is popping up. It is fun looking at this years photos. I know it will be fun to stack it in my bookshelf too. Or maybe I should leave on my sofa table? Everyone visiting me will be able to see it then.

What are you doing with the photos you are taken? Are they hidden somewhere in a hard disk, hanging on a wall or have you done something else with them? I would love to know.

7 responses to Where does the photos end up?

    • myluckytown – Author

      Thanks for commenting. I’m glad you find the yearbook a good idea too :) Happy shooting to you too!

  1. I have them mostly on my computer.. I have divided them into the month, and in the month I have the year and in their again I have the date. The ones I fix goes into a new folder called photoshop and this are going out into the web. The best pictures I print out and hang up on my wall, that is starting to get kind of full.
    I liked the idea about the yearbook!

    • myluckytown – Author

      I like the idea of a wall full of your own photos. I have a wall with photos of friends and family. I would like to make a new one with other photos :)

  2. Sigh. I am so guilty of the same thing—letting them all sit on my external drives. I imagine I will go back through them all “down the road” but realistically, I just add to the piles. I think it’s important to do something with them! While I usually make albums from client shoots, I never make them just for myself. Good inspiration!

    • myluckytown – Author

      I’m happy that I’ve inspired you. It’s so easy to let the photos pile up. Making albums for clients shoot is a good thing. Your own photos should get the same treatment too; they are so worth it too! :)

  3. Aaaah I LOVE that idea of the yearbook! That’s going to be so awesome :D Now I want to do it too! Except, I don’t have all that many photo’s I guess hahaha…

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