Photo trip: Christmas edition

When I got up this morning, the sun was shining and the weather looked so good. I knew I had to put on my boots and go on a photo trip. Christmas is just around the corner and there is still some Christmas gifts to be bought. Normally the shops are not open on sundays, but the three sundays before Christmas all stores are normally open between 14.00 and 18.00. I had one gift I wanted to buy today. I also wanted to buy some Christmas cake.

I went downtown around noon. That let me have some time before the shops opened to go around the city photograph. I wanted to take advantage of the lovely light outside; that’s why I left two hours before the shops opened. As you can see on the photo above, the light was oh so lovely.

This phototrip is Christmas inspired. It’s December and soon the 24th, so there is no way around it. I can’t get away from the bicycles though; they are here and there and I can’t not photograph them, especially not the pretty old ones. You’ll see some in this post as well. The bikes I found today had all beautiful colors. Two of them where green, which is my favorite color, and one had this beautiful blue color.

As you can see, I captured a little bit of everything. I even got a photo of Tawakkul Karman from Yemen, who is one of the winner of this years Nobel’s Piece Prize. She, the two other winners came out of the Parliament Building when I passed it.

Walking around the city hunting for scenes/things to photograph is really fun. Getting home, connecting your camera to the laptop, transfer the photos and take the first look, is also really fun. It’s also quite exciting. Some photos you thought would be great might not be it and some photos surprise you by being great. I really like the post processing. It is fun to take an ok photo and make it great just by doing some post prosessing. Or doing some magic like my sister said, when she asked me to process the phots they’re using for this years Christmas card.

Things that makes me happy: dark chocolate from Freia

Yesterday after I left the office, I went downtown because I had some errands to run. One of the things that was on my to-do list, was to go to Freia’s chocolate store. Freia is a Norwegian chocolate brand, now owned by Crafts Food. Freia  has a little chocolate store downtown where you can buy bite-sized pieces of chocolate. My friend, who lives outside Oslo, asked me to stop buy and buy some chocolate for her. So I did.

When going to the counter to pay for the chocolate I had picked, I saw something made my heart almost skip a beat. Freia has this box of chocolate; it contains a various pieces of dark chocolate and some light chocolate. In that box(top picture) they got dark chocolate sticks with a taste of orange which is so heavenly good. It’s one of my fave type of chocolate. Behind the counter, made by glass, I see that you don’t have to buy the whole box of chocolate, but you can get that single type separately.

Oh my gosh!

Seeing that chocolate, was the highlight of yesterday. I instantly knew I had to buy some of that chocolate with orange, no matter what it costed. I ended up with 20 pieces. It wasn’t cheap; I think it costs about three times the normal chocolate, but it was so worth it.

I just had to photograph them.  In addition to being delicious, they are quite pretty as well. Yesterday I was writing about not being able to photograph enough these days, so when I had something to photograph, I couldn’t let the opportunity pass me.

This is licorice; bite-sized confectionery found in a plastic bag called that is named Twist. The bag contains different bite-sized pieces of various flavours; mostly chocolates with some sort of filling. In stead of buying a whole bag with different pieces, you can pick the pieces you like. So if the there is a piece you like very well, you can buy many of that and you can leave out the ones you don’t like.

The licorice confectionery I gave to mum. The chocolate sticks with orange is all gone now.

Nom. Nom. Nom.

The missing light

I live so north that during the winter months I have to deal with little light/sunlight. As you can see from this link, in Oslo in December the sun is up around 09.00 and gone around 15.00 in the afternoon. It’s dark when I get up early in the morning (06.20 ish)  and it’s dark when I leave the office at 16.00. The whole afternoon is dark and that is quite depressing.

Living so far north has an effect on my photography. I photograph way less in the winter months than I do during the summer. During the weekdays, the only possible hour to photograph anything with a decent amount of natural light / sunlight is when I’m at work. That is not ideal for a person who loves to photograph all the time.

Weekends is the only time I have a chance to photograph anything at all these days. And it’s not always I get a chance to photograph anything then either. Busy weekends or bad weather prevents me from picking up my camera and go out photographing.

I haven’t picked up my camera since the 27th of November. It’s almost two weeks. That might not sound long to someone using their camera once in a while, but for me it’s a long time; a very long time! I feel something is missing. The possibility to bring my camera when I go to work and pop it out of my purse on my way home, is something I miss a lot. During the spring/summer/autumn, I carry my camera where ever I go. Now I don’t even bother bringing it, because I know it’s not possible to photograph when it’s close to pitch black outside.

Not being able to photograph as much as I want to, has resulted in lots of unused creativity. All the creativity I used to let out while photographing is bottling up inside me and I don’t know what to do with it. It’s like I want to do something, but when I sit down and try to find something to do, I can’t think of anything. I have spent quite some time making cards, most of all Christmas cards. I’ve also spent a little time sowing a few new pillow cases. I would love to sow more, but I don’t have anything to sow. I def don’t need any more pillow cases and I can’t think of anythign else to sow; at least not anything I would managed to deal with. When it comes to making cards, I’ve mad so many Christmas cards that I’m a bit fed up making them to be honest. I’m happy I only have a few more to make. I am making some birthday card as a Christmas gift to someone. Yesterday my friend Linda said she would love to get some birthday cards as a birthday gift in March. But I think after I’ve made the cards for Christmast, I need a little break. Making cards is not like photographing, where I can go on and on and on and on without getting tired.

Not being able to photograph as much as I want, has affected this blog as well. I have an urge to blog more, but I don’t have much to blog about. This blog is a creative blog and I want to share my creativity. I want to share the photos I take and write stories that goes with the photos. It’s not that I did that very frequently earlier this year, it’s just that I really want to do it now, but don’t have the chance.

All in all I have two problems. I can’t use my creativity nearly as much as I want to and it’s so dark outside, I only have limited time photographing. These two things are closely related. If I only could photograph whenever I wanted without having to do it when it’s dark outside, then I would’ve solved the photography problem and the creativity problem. That is not going to happen, so I have to find other things to use my creativity on.

The big question is what?

If I find the answer to that question, I will let you know. But don’t hold your breath.

Where does the photos end up?

In 365 days there is a lot of time to take a lot of photographes and I take a lot. I usually bring my camera with me where ever I go, because I wouldn’t miss a big photo opportunety.

So what happens with my photos after I’ve taken them?

I  upload all my photos to my laptop. They are devided into dated folders. I go through all my photos and delete the worste. Some I don’t touch but some are good enough to be processed. After I’ve done my post processing, I move the photo into a new folder called ‘the real deal’.  Photos that turns up in that folder either get posted on my blog or uploaded to flickr. A few of my photographes get printed and hung up on my wall.

But what happenes with the photos after that?


After I’ve uploaded the best photos to my flickr account and put them on my blog, they kind of get forgotten. I never print photographes and put them in albums anymore. Recently I looked at my photo albums and I think the last photos are from 2002 or 2003. I know I have a quite a huge batch of photos that’s not in any album; they’re just collecting dust in a drawer. Putting photos in albums are such a boring job and that’s why the batch of photos now is collecting dust. That is also why I haven’t printed any photos to put in albums after 2003.

The fact that all my photos only can be found on my computer or somewhere on the www, is sad. It doesn’t do my photos justice. I’ve spent so many hours photographing and I don’t do anything with them. Of course they serve their purpose on flickr; people can see them and comment on them. I share my photos with the entire world so to speak. But after they’ve been posted, theyget forgotten in a way. The end up like one of many photos in a line.

Last week I came across the blog of a flickr-contact called Cindy. She blogged about making a yearbook; a book containg photos taken a spesfic year. What a brilliant idea.  Instantly I wanted to make one myself. I found her blog during a five  minute break I had at the officed and got so excited I couldn’t wait until I got home and could start on the book. It took a while before my mind could stop thinking about the book and focus on my job again.

Now I’ve started on making a book containing photos taken in 2011. I’m printing my book at; they are good. There are a lot of photos to choose from, so only deciding what photos to pick is a huge task. Then there is the arrangement of the photos. In which order to put them. Not to make complete mess, I’ve decided to put them in categories like food, animals, Oslo in b&w, Oslo in color, bikes etc.

I’m having a lot of fun doing this. Photos I’ve already forgot, is popping up. It is fun looking at this years photos. I know it will be fun to stack it in my bookshelf too. Or maybe I should leave on my sofa table? Everyone visiting me will be able to see it then.

What are you doing with the photos you are taken? Are they hidden somewhere in a hard disk, hanging on a wall or have you done something else with them? I would love to know.

No more posts.