A walk back in time: Akershus Castle and Fortress

'the fortress street'

Do you ever get the feeling  that you want travel back in time? Travel back in time and watch how it was in a certain era? I have that from time to time. Either when I watch a documentary on TV about something historical or when I visit historical places. Like I did today.

I had a phototrip with my friend Ellen to the Akershus Castle and Fortress. The fortress is one of Norway’s most important cultural monuments, with buildings and structures from the Middle Age to our own day. The history of the fortress ranges from military events of dramatic art, via occupation and prison, to where it is today; serving as military schools, home of Norway’s Resistance museum and the Defence Museum, hosting cultural activities and government entertaining.

Visiting such places, makes me wanna travel back in time. I wanna go back and see how it was used then. It would be very entertaining and educational to watch how people lived back then; to see it with my own eyes. Since that is not an option, I either have to read up on the places I’m visiting or use my imagination.

I toom a lot of photos today. I knew already before I got there that these photos would be best in black and white.

The Castle and Fortress seen from the outside and inside. There are so many awesome doors insde the fortress. Why didn’t I think about going there when I was doing my door project? I would’ve had so many special doors I could photograph! Thinking about it, it almost makes me wanna take up the door project again. Maybe I should start shoot some doors again and make a book out of it? Doors of Oslo? For the door project I took photos of 202 doors; more than 180 of them was of doors located in Oslo. This is a thought I shouldn’t let go.

But hey, back to the fortress.

The horses that belongs to the Polices has it’s home at the Fortress.  The sign says that you’re not allowed to feed the horses because fat Police horses is not nice. And they assure us that the horses happy and get whatever they need. Good to know! I’ve never thought about where the Police horses are kept; now I know.

2 responses to A walk back in time: Akershus Castle and Fortress

  1. OH MY GOSH, OH MY GOSH, this makes me so excited. We’ve just started planning our Scandinavian travels, and this place is totally on the list!

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