Fly me to the moon!

On sunday I visited my sister and her family. Emil smiled brightly when he saw me. I brought chocolate muffins (which lacked eggs, because I forgot to add them) and I’m pretty sure his smile got even wider when he found out. When I opened the box with the muffins inside, he instantly wanted one. Sadly, he had to eat some real food first (two slices of bread). It’s a hard world, isn’t it?

After we’d eaten both lunch and muffins, I took Emil for a playtime by the swing and play area. Of course I brought my camera. The sun was shining and we had a great time. He climbed, took the slide, played with the swing and made rodes in the sand with his foot.

While being on the swing, he said the he was going all the way up to the moon. I found that very cute!

The hat is maybe a bit too big as you can see. He can hardly see anything here. But that doesn’t stop him from being happy.

Playing in the sand here, making roads with his shoes and pretending the big button I gave him being a car. Aaah, kids can be creative and they have a great imagination.

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