For the love of bikes

There is no news I love bikes. I espesially love old ones. They have this charm that new bikes only can dream of. When I was downtown today I photographed some bikes; old ones and new ones. Here are some photos.

Pretty old seat!

Another pretty, old seat. The tag says ‘prima norsk / prima Norwegian’.

Monark / monarch. Cool name for a bike.

Pretty, old bike. Waiting for its owner.

City bikes. You can rent them. To do so, you need a membership. It only costs 50 NOK a year. Then you can rent them for three hours at the time. If you get tired of biking, you can stop by Burger King buy a greasy, but oh so good, hamburger. If you add cheese and bacon, the burger will get oh so yummy!

Almost endless line of blue city bikes, ready to be used.

More of those blue city bikes.

If you’re not tired of these bike shoes, you can go to my set on Flickr to see more bike shots. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

2 responses to For the love of bikes

  1. Johnny

    I found an old bike that says “Kristiansands” and :”Trumf” on the front plate. Would you happen to have any info on this bicycle at all?

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