Oslo explored with the wide angle (and the 50 mm) lens

I went on a impulse photo trip this afternoon. I almost always carry my camera with me. I brought it today because I felt it was time take it for a walk. When I left work, I really had other plans. But they got changed and I ended up on a small photo trip. And I got to use my wide angle again; I haven’t used it in quite some time.

A school.

A tree. In the sun.

Tram stop. Sjømannskolen. It goes uphill. Love that red shed.

The road up to a fancy restaurant that has a spectacuar view. It’s called Ekeberg Restaurant. Very pricy, but good food. You can get mountain water from Peru there!

Functionalist building. Oh so pretty.

This building has an interesting history. It was a restaurant here in the 1920’s and it was busy, very busy. It closed at some point and was abandoned for a long time. Some years ago I guy bought it, restored it and turned it into a restaurant again. A great thing to do. It’s very expensive to eat there, but you can just go there for the view. It’s a great place to see Oslo from.

Binoculars. So you can see the city close up. Those binoculars reminds me so much of Wall E. Have you seen that movie? If so, you must see the recemblence!

The city on a sunny day. Lots of trees in the foreground. There are a lot of trees /forrest in Oslo. The middle of Oslo is actually in the middle of the forrest.

Some islands in the Oslo fjord. Boats are driving around. And I guess there are quite some people on those island; taning, bbq-ing, bathing etc today.

Some more of those island. This is taken some to the right of the photo above. Sunny and warm day. I’m pretty sure it would’ve been lovely to sit on deck in one of the boats cruising the fjords today.

This is tha area where they are building the most these days. The area in the front; it’s going to be apartments there. Awesome location, right by the fjord. I bet they will be expensive.

A bit to the right we got this view. The tall buildings to the right in the photo; they are called the barcode. And that’s because when they’re all lined up they look like a barecode. Obviosly. Some hate the, say they block the view to the fjord. I like them.

The east side of Oslo, where I live.

Berries on a tree. Not to eat, I’m afraid.

A cool tree.

To the left: people are sitting outside eating. The restaurant have area outside where you can drink and eat some. It’s cheaper than inside.  To the right: people checking out the view. Some with binoculars, some with their eyes only.

I’m going back to this place some time soon I hope. There is a cafe close by I want to visit. And there is a forrest with a road through it closeby too. I want to walk in that city forrest (that it’s called) and have a snack at that restaurant. It says it has great view. My friend Ellen and I have talked about going there, but it has rained every time we’ve planned it. This weekend it’s gonna rain big, fat cats and dogs (the amount we normall get in a month will pour down in just two days they say), so no trip. But some day soon!

I’m babysitting my nephew on saturday. Expect some photos to come; either here or on my flickr account.

Exploring Oslo pt. II

A little over a week ago, I went exploring Oslo again. This time with my friend Ellen. We were out walking for several hours, exploring the west side of Oslo (Frogner in particular). We saw lots of pretty streets, buildings and flowers. This is some of what we saw:


A bench with flowers.

Pretty lamp.


Flowers, lots of flowers.

Even more flowers.

Pretty roses basking in the sun.

Pretty little flowershop. They had gorgeous flowers.

Cruising town.


Green building. Very pretty.

Pretty buildings.

More of those beautiful buildings.

Financial times. Head topic was Greece, of course.

No parking. Cars will be towed away without warning.

Workshop. Aweseome typography.

No more posts.