Exploring Oslo

Oslo isn’t very big, but still there are parts of Oslo I haven’t discovered. Yesterday evening I took my bike on a trip. My camera did follow of course. The reason for my trip was to bike off some of the cake I’d eaten that day. And to get a little bit of excercise. It’s much needed! I hadn’t planned exactly where to bike, but I had an area I wanted to explore. I ended up going places I’ve never been with my bike. In the end I ended up in a industrial part of Oslo; a part where they ship out a lot of fruit.

It might not be the most spectacular photos, but they mean something to me. So here is what I saw on my trip. It’s not only the pretty, pretty Oslo. But it’s a part of Oslo none the less.

Alley with trees. And cars. It was a dead end street. A guy watched me from his balcony. I bet he was wondering why I took a photo of that alley. It’s not the first time I get looks when I’m out photographing. And it sure won’t be the last either.

A white building with lots of windows. I liked the graphic feel to the photo.

Not the prettiest building in Oslo. But it had something undefined that made me photograph it.

Me in the door on the parking lot. Twice actually.

The parking lot is closed for trucks.

But it’s not closed for cool cars. I saw this cool car at the parking lot. It was beautiful, and I had to photograph it. The front is pretty.

The top photograph is taken from the parking lot. This part of Oslo, Økern, is  under major reconstruction. Some day I’m pretty sure it will be not so messy and pretty in stead. The bottom picture is taking from a brigde, but from a different angle.

This is also taken from the parking lot. I wonder  how it’s like to live in that building. What kind of people are living there? It’s not a very kids-friendly place I’n my eyes. It’s in the near of roads with lot of cars and company buildings.

A short cut from one street to another.

Per Knudsmoen AS. I love the typography. They sell fruit.

Pallets stacked ontop each other. I loved the colored ones.

This is also a part of Oslo. Beautiful trees. You can see them everywhere.

More trees.

A box for newspapers. Spotted outside a building.

One response to Exploring Oslo

  1. Love the pictures and thoughts, so stylish and cool and they capture that love of the not quite groomed and picture-perfect that I love. Well done!

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