Pieces of Oslo

It’s my first official day of my two week vacation. On today’s to-do list was going downtown to buy birthday present for mum, and a friends fiance who is turning 40. I decided to bring my camera and walk downtown. The weather report said it was supposed to be sunny in the morning, then the temp would rise, but it would also start to rain. And it might end with lightning and thunder.

I packed my bag with my Canon, two lenses, an extra cardigan, but no umbrella. My thought was, if it started to rain, I just jump on a bus. And it’s only a 30 minute walk, so I thought it would be ok with no umbrella. I spent, of course, way more than 30 minutes on my walk. There were a lots of stops on my way. Things to capture with my camera. The sun was shining, it was warm and I was in a very good mood. I alsways get in a good mood when I go out shooting. It gives me inner peace. It started to rain before I was all the way downtown. I walked some in the rain before I decided to take the bus. It was one stop.

After I’d done all the gift shopping, I decided to walk around a bit. After a short while my back started to hurt and I was a bit hungry. I went to buy strawberries. After I had walked some more, with a sore back, and spilled juices from loads of strawberries on my shirt, I decided to even walk some more! I walked in the directions of a bus stop, but took a detour.

When I came home I had 208 new photos. After I had looked through them all I decided which one that deserved to shine. There were, of couse when you use a digital camera,  some crap and multiple shots. I ended up with a little less than 30 photos worth posting. Here is the first batch:

This city is not so big that you can’t fit in some roses in the street.

A pretty building. Awesome color!

Almost the same color, but oh so different house.

Flower in the sun.

Blinders in various positions.

Almost black and white. But not quite. The angle and lines spoke to me.

A pastel green  bird popped up on my walk. I had to sit down and take a picture of it. It was very cooperative. No fuzz at all.

Back alley. Love all the shapes, angles and different colors.

A little to the right; a painting made by the street painter Dolk. Very cool!

Eldorado Cinema. Lovely entrence.

Political sign for a social libertarian party called ‘Left’. This is ‘the lefts house’. Awesome typography.

Something totally different. Fun sign inside a shop.

Lovely pizza chain. Did I just got the urge to eat pizza? Yes. Am I going to? No. Why not? Got dinner cooking…

What’s a phototrip without a photo of myself? Another more serious question; how on earth did I end up inside that round ball? Things works in mysterious ways… ;)

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