New couch for my IKEA home

I’ve wanted a new couch for a while. My two seat couch got too small. I wanteda a bigger one. One with three seats. On friday my sister e-mailed me telling me that the very couch I was looking for was on sale. IKEA Ektorp, three seats. The exact couch I wanted was on sale! How lucky ain’t I? It was quite amazing. So the day after, last saturday, I went to IKEA to order mine. I didn’t want to wait  until it might be sold out.

You can get that sofa in a various of colors / pattern; white, blue, grey, black, blue stripy, flowery etc. I picked dark brown. Oh how I love that color. It’s very pretty and it goes with so many different colors. I can put  pillows that are orange, dark purple, red, white or even green on the  couch. That means I can change the look of my living room quite easily. Now I’ve had a red/orange/yellow theme in my livingroom with my red sofa. This might change now. I haven’t quite decided which color to go for, but green is high on my list.

If you got a trained IKEA eye, you will spot that most of the things you see in this photo is from IKEA. I have a thing for IKEA. It’s oh so great. The brown curtains is from IKEA. So is the table, the picture and the pillow case. Eventhe box on wheels are from IKEA; just painted yellow. The box stores LP’s. The lamp is, along with the things inside the table, the only thing that is not from IKEA. The lamp belonged to my parents. They didn’t really use it so I asked if I could get it. It’s very retro / 70’s and I love it.

Next week I’m going to IKEA with a friend. I have plan to sow myself a few pillowcases. Well, I might not be the one to do the sowing. Linda might actually do it. She’s at least gonna help me out. IKEA has great cheap fabric. So I’m going to see if I can find something I can make a few pillow cases with. The red pillow you see in the photo, it’s an old pillow in a ‘new’ pillowcase. I found a pillowcase for my bedpillow I haven’t used before because the feather-bed case was too big. I thought I could use the pillow case for one of my big pillows. It almos fit. I have to do some adjustments on the back, which will be done next week. Just by cleaning out your closet, you have a new pillow! I like that.

I’m in the mood for redecorating my apartment. What I’m also in the mood for is find old things and give them new life; the the old, unused pillow case. I would really like to find a flea market to go to, or an antique store. I start two weeks of holiday on friday, so then I’ll have a chance to do something like that.

I have a plan to buy some new outdoor furnitures. The ones I got now is so beaten by weather. I need something new. I found some nice ones at IKEA.

The great thing about the table and chair is that you can fold it together. So it’s very easy to place in the basement when the winter comes.


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