Next station, Grefsen Station!

For a time now I’ve been been toying with the idea of getting some excersise. There are a lot of talk about working out at the office where I work. I’m not the person that enters a gym. That is out of the question. But I need excersise. A lot of it. I got bike I rarely use. So why not take that out for a spin?

Today I decided to do that after I came home from work and had eaten dinner. By the time I got home, it started to rain. And I was very late with my dinner. At 21.15 it had stopped raining. But it wasn’t very uplifting to look out the window. No sun, some clouds and a bit cold. Still I kicked myself out. But not just me and my bike. I brought my camera as well. I thought that if I had to go biking at this hour / in this weather, at least I could bring my camera. Maybe there would turn up something I could stop and shoot?

So the camera and I went on a bike trip. What was supposed to be a bit of an excersise trip, turned more into a photo trip. I found this train station, where I’ve never been at, even though it’s located close by. It’s not a big one and there were only two people there waiting for a train. It cought my interest and I stayed for a while shooting.

This is the result:

Oh how I love those white letters. Pretty font.

Ttrain tracks. And the platform where people wait.

Some people might sit down and wait.

You can also go inside. Awesome waiting room. So red! And look at the great floor.

Anyone wants to play chess? If you bring the chees pieces, I’ll bring the board.

The clock. Every station needs a clock. I love these old clocks.

You can park your bike here.

But you can’t park anything here. Parking forbidden.

Don’t walk across the tracks. It’s forbidden.

Track one. The only track.

25 minutes later (than the other clock photo).

Lines. Electricity.

What to do when accidents with electricity? Read and find out. You should practice on first aid once a year, it recommend.

T. It stands for telephone I think. And it’s provided by Ericsson. I find it funny that the T sign is in blue & yello, the Swedish colors. Ericsson comes from Sweden.

I should do this more often. But then go for a longer trip, so I get to bike more than I did tonight.

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