Food project and other projects

For a while now I’ve been thinking about starting a new photo project. I always find it fun to have a project going on. It’s something challenging and it makes me pick up my camera more often. Not that I haven’t used my camera lately. I’ve actually used it quite a lot since Easter. But I want something specific to work on. I want something to commit to.

Before I start a new project, I should end the one I’ve started. I’m not sure if anyone remember, I hardly remember myself, but I started a food project last fall. So far I’ve covered the letters A – U. Only five letters left; U – Z.

Today I decided to work on my project. I had to go to the grocery store after I’d eaten to buy some ham. So I thought I could buy some food to cover a few letters. I ended up buying water melons, sugar peas and baby carrots. This is what I managed to make out of it:

This is for letter V. V stands for vegetables. This is sugar peas. They are placed in my new coffee cup that I bought at the flea market on sunday. It’s awesome.

Here is letter W. W stands for watermelon. The letter W didn’t have many options. I thought about waffles and watermelon. Water melon was easier, because it didn’t require any  baking.

The letter X is close to impossible. Mrs. Jones Food Alphabet suggested xmas-cakes, xiqua or chex mix. xmas-cakes (christmas cakes) in the middle of May? I don’t think so. And xiqua? What is that again? An exotic fruit? I have never heard about it and I’m pretty sure it would’ve been hard to locate. I might not even have found it. Chex mix was out of the question since it didn’t start on X. I stretched the project a little bit again, like I did with U when U was uncooked egg. The X is xtra small carrots.

My two last letters to cover is Y and Z! Y, I think I will go for either yoghurt or yolk. It’s the only thing I can think of. And for Z, everything depends on me finding a zucchini. If I don’t find that, I’m sort of  doomed.

Lets hope the two last letters will have been covered when this week is over! And then I can concentrate on a new project, what ever that will be. Stay tuned.

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