New couch for my IKEA home

I’ve wanted a new couch for a while. My two seat couch got too small. I wanteda a bigger one. One with three seats. On friday my sister e-mailed me telling me that the very couch I was looking for was on sale. IKEA Ektorp, three seats. The exact couch I wanted was on sale! How lucky ain’t I? It was quite amazing. So the day after, last saturday, I went to IKEA to order mine. I didn’t want to wait  until it might be sold out.

You can get that sofa in a various of colors / pattern; white, blue, grey, black, blue stripy, flowery etc. I picked dark brown. Oh how I love that color. It’s very pretty and it goes with so many different colors. I can put  pillows that are orange, dark purple, red, white or even green on the  couch. That means I can change the look of my living room quite easily. Now I’ve had a red/orange/yellow theme in my livingroom with my red sofa. This might change now. I haven’t quite decided which color to go for, but green is high on my list.

If you got a trained IKEA eye, you will spot that most of the things you see in this photo is from IKEA. I have a thing for IKEA. It’s oh so great. The brown curtains is from IKEA. So is the table, the picture and the pillow case. Eventhe box on wheels are from IKEA; just painted yellow. The box stores LP’s. The lamp is, along with the things inside the table, the only thing that is not from IKEA. The lamp belonged to my parents. They didn’t really use it so I asked if I could get it. It’s very retro / 70’s and I love it.

Next week I’m going to IKEA with a friend. I have plan to sow myself a few pillowcases. Well, I might not be the one to do the sowing. Linda might actually do it. She’s at least gonna help me out. IKEA has great cheap fabric. So I’m going to see if I can find something I can make a few pillow cases with. The red pillow you see in the photo, it’s an old pillow in a ‘new’ pillowcase. I found a pillowcase for my bedpillow I haven’t used before because the feather-bed case was too big. I thought I could use the pillow case for one of my big pillows. It almos fit. I have to do some adjustments on the back, which will be done next week. Just by cleaning out your closet, you have a new pillow! I like that.

I’m in the mood for redecorating my apartment. What I’m also in the mood for is find old things and give them new life; the the old, unused pillow case. I would really like to find a flea market to go to, or an antique store. I start two weeks of holiday on friday, so then I’ll have a chance to do something like that.

I have a plan to buy some new outdoor furnitures. The ones I got now is so beaten by weather. I need something new. I found some nice ones at IKEA.

The great thing about the table and chair is that you can fold it together. So it’s very easy to place in the basement when the winter comes.


Next station, Grefsen Station!

For a time now I’ve been been toying with the idea of getting some excersise. There are a lot of talk about working out at the office where I work. I’m not the person that enters a gym. That is out of the question. But I need excersise. A lot of it. I got bike I rarely use. So why not take that out for a spin?

Today I decided to do that after I came home from work and had eaten dinner. By the time I got home, it started to rain. And I was very late with my dinner. At 21.15 it had stopped raining. But it wasn’t very uplifting to look out the window. No sun, some clouds and a bit cold. Still I kicked myself out. But not just me and my bike. I brought my camera as well. I thought that if I had to go biking at this hour / in this weather, at least I could bring my camera. Maybe there would turn up something I could stop and shoot?

So the camera and I went on a bike trip. What was supposed to be a bit of an excersise trip, turned more into a photo trip. I found this train station, where I’ve never been at, even though it’s located close by. It’s not a big one and there were only two people there waiting for a train. It cought my interest and I stayed for a while shooting.

This is the result:

Oh how I love those white letters. Pretty font.

Ttrain tracks. And the platform where people wait.

Some people might sit down and wait.

You can also go inside. Awesome waiting room. So red! And look at the great floor.

Anyone wants to play chess? If you bring the chees pieces, I’ll bring the board.

The clock. Every station needs a clock. I love these old clocks.

You can park your bike here.

But you can’t park anything here. Parking forbidden.

Don’t walk across the tracks. It’s forbidden.

Track one. The only track.

25 minutes later (than the other clock photo).

Lines. Electricity.

What to do when accidents with electricity? Read and find out. You should practice on first aid once a year, it recommend.

T. It stands for telephone I think. And it’s provided by Ericsson. I find it funny that the T sign is in blue & yello, the Swedish colors. Ericsson comes from Sweden.

I should do this more often. But then go for a longer trip, so I get to bike more than I did tonight.

Food project and new projects

The food project is finally over. I posted the last photo of a chopped up zucchini the 15th of May. It has been a fun project to do. Some letters have been harder than others; like Q, U and X. But with a little bit of creativity, I managed to pull it off. It took me longer than  planed. Way longer. I thought I would finish it in less than two months. It took me eight!

When doing such a project, there is always some photos you’re more satisfied with than others. I have a few that I really like.

B = blueberries. I don’t like blueberries myself, but they are pretty to photograph. When I was younger blue was my fave color. Now it’s green.

N = noodles. I rarely make noodles. These noodles comes from Mr. Lee. What I like here is the different focus in the two photos.

E = eggs. I love, love, love, love eggs. They can be cooked either well done or medium. Scrambled eggs with chives, a little bit of salt and some pepper is yummy. Fried egg  is great with bacon. Fried on both sides. It doesn’t matter if the yolk is broker or not. Omelette is also great. I photographed an home made omelette for the letter O.

Now it’s time to think about new photo projects. I like to have a project going. I started a new project today. It’s called memories. I will take photos of things / places etc that evoke a memory. And then I will write a little not that’s attached to the photo, to explain myself. I made set on flickr with my photos. So far it only contains two photos; one I took this weekend and a old photo that I found out fitted in my set. In the end, if I get enough photos, I might make a book out of it.

But this project isn’t something I will work on every day. I will work on it whenever I find something to photograph. So in addition to that project, I will have to come up with another one. I have a few ideas, but I’m not sure yet what to do. Hopefully I will decide soon.

I love cinnamon buns

I’ve been wanting to make cinnamon buns for a long time now. It must’ve been weeks, if not a month, maybe close to two. I’ve tried to find a recipi online, but I haven’t been sure which one is the best. They have all been a little bit different. Last sunday, when I was visiting my parents and a friend, I went up to my friend Linda’s parents. Her mum makes lovely cinnamon buns, and I wanted her recipe. She let me copy that. I also got a recipe for raisin buns, which I will try another time.

Sunday is the best day to bake.  I decided a few days ago that I would bake something for our national day that’s on the 17th. There was no other things I could bake than cinnamon buns.

Here is the recipe:

125 grams of butter
5 dl. milk
50 grams of  yeast, the sweet one
1 table spoon of salt
2 table spoons of cardamom
1-1,5 dl of sugar
1 egg
1,5 liter of flour (maybe a bit less)

Inside filling:

200 grams of butter
2 dl. of sugar
3 tablespoons of cinnamon

Mix the butter, sugar and cinnamon.


icing sugar

Mix icing sugar and water together.

How to make them:

Mix flour and butter. Mix the sugar, salt and cardamom. Mix it with flour and butter. Add the egg. Heat up the milk so it’s lukewarm. Add the yeast and stirr until it’s no lumps left. Add the milk/yeast mix into the rest.
Knead for ten minutes or so. Let the dough rise to double size.

Take the dough out of the bowl. Cut it on two. It’s easier to work with a smaller portion.
Roll out the dough to a rectangle. Put on a layer with the butter-sugar-cinnamon-mix. Then you take one of the long sides and start to roll it up, into a saussage. Slice up the dough into small pieces, each about 1,5-2 cm thick.
Put them on baking paper.

Turn the oven to convection, 70 degrees C. Put the cinnamon buns inside. After 5 minutes you take them out and let the stay a lukewarm place for 10-15 minutes.
Turn off the convetion and put on the oven on 225 degrees. Put in the buns and take them out after about 10 minutes. They will then be golden on top.

How many cinnamon buns you’ll get, depends on how big you want them. Mine got big and I got 26 buns.

I can’t bake without take pictures, can I? No, I can’t. Before I started baking I saw a blog post based on this. And that’s how it turned out. This is the baking in pictures.

Yeast. Basic ingredient in baking. This is the sweet one, which you use in buns, pastry etc. The normal one you use for baking bread. At least that the kind of yeast we have here in Norway.

The dough, double size!

A big wodden rolling pin.

The filling. Butter, sugar and cinnamon. Oh so yummy!

The dough rolled out with a layer of filling on top. Then you roll up the dough, make it look like a saussage.

The cinnamon buns just got out of the oven. Still hot.

The buns need a little topping. Mixed icing sugar and water.

Before and after the topping.

I don’t wanna brag, but to be honest, I nailed the cinnamon buns. It’s my first time making them too. I’m so happy. Since I have so many, I’ll bring a few to the office tomorrow.

Flower Power

We’re almost half through May. The nights are not cold anymore and it’s time to plant. My plastic flower boxes were not in a good shape. I hadn’t taken good enough care of them. After a short inspection a little more than a week ago, I found out I needed new ones if I wanted to plant anything this year. I thought they would cost a lot and I wasn’t sure if I would put money in flower boxes and flowers this year.

Last weekend when I saw my friend Linda and shared my thoughts, she told me I NEEDED to have flowers on my balcony. “You are going to spend time on your balcony, yes?” Before I got the chance to answer she continued: “You need flowers”. And when thinking about it, I realised that I do need flowers. What would my balcony be without flowers? Boring! Last sunday I went to the garden center with Linda and I bought two flower boxes. It didn’t cost much at all to my big surprise. No flowers were bought.

When I left wor today, I went downtown. There is a square downtown where they sell lots of flowers. They have all kinds of flowers and I wanted to fill my boxes. It was very hard to pick what to buy.  Very, I tell you. I love so many types of flowers. I walked around for quite some time before managed to decide on what to buy. One of the seller, a female, she asked me twice if I was ready to pay.

I bought a pack with ten lobelias (picture above). I always buy them. They are pretty and good to fill up the boxes with.

This is a new flower to me. Never had it before. It’s English Pelargonia. Tiny flowers. Oh, so pretty. And the colors are awesome.

Dianthus. One of my favourite flowers. Pretty!

Empty plastic flower pots on top my outdoor table.

Dirty hands. That’s what you get when planting.

Flowes need water. This is my watering can from IKEA. It’s an elephant and the trunk pours out water.

This is how it turned out.You see the flower boxes from both sides. Pretty flowers. Im happy with my work and can’t wait to spend hot summer days on my balcony. It’s not big (almost 6 m2), but it works great for my purpose; breakfasts in the sun, reading in my chair and tanning.

The one, last thing I need now is a flower on my table. I think I will go for violas. I love, love, love violas!

Food project and other projects

For a while now I’ve been thinking about starting a new photo project. I always find it fun to have a project going on. It’s something challenging and it makes me pick up my camera more often. Not that I haven’t used my camera lately. I’ve actually used it quite a lot since Easter. But I want something specific to work on. I want something to commit to.

Before I start a new project, I should end the one I’ve started. I’m not sure if anyone remember, I hardly remember myself, but I started a food project last fall. So far I’ve covered the letters A – U. Only five letters left; U – Z.

Today I decided to work on my project. I had to go to the grocery store after I’d eaten to buy some ham. So I thought I could buy some food to cover a few letters. I ended up buying water melons, sugar peas and baby carrots. This is what I managed to make out of it:

This is for letter V. V stands for vegetables. This is sugar peas. They are placed in my new coffee cup that I bought at the flea market on sunday. It’s awesome.

Here is letter W. W stands for watermelon. The letter W didn’t have many options. I thought about waffles and watermelon. Water melon was easier, because it didn’t require any  baking.

The letter X is close to impossible. Mrs. Jones Food Alphabet suggested xmas-cakes, xiqua or chex mix. xmas-cakes (christmas cakes) in the middle of May? I don’t think so. And xiqua? What is that again? An exotic fruit? I have never heard about it and I’m pretty sure it would’ve been hard to locate. I might not even have found it. Chex mix was out of the question since it didn’t start on X. I stretched the project a little bit again, like I did with U when U was uncooked egg. The X is xtra small carrots.

My two last letters to cover is Y and Z! Y, I think I will go for either yoghurt or yolk. It’s the only thing I can think of. And for Z, everything depends on me finding a zucchini. If I don’t find that, I’m sort of  doomed.

Lets hope the two last letters will have been covered when this week is over! And then I can concentrate on a new project, what ever that will be. Stay tuned.


I really love the city where everything is close by, like the grocery store, cinema, cafe’s, restaurants, little nifty shops, malls etc. But being born in the countryside, means that there are a part of me who really likes grass, dirt, flowers, forest and barns.

Yesterday afternoon I went home to Lierfoss where I grew up to have dinner with my parents. The weather was supposed to be sunny and quite warm, so I decided to stay for the night and spend my sunday there. Oh, what a lovely sunday it became. I went to a flea market with my friend Linda and her friend Ragnahild. I  found myself some old retro coffee cups (pics  will come later) I bought very cheap. Then Linda and I went to the garden center. I didn’t buy any flowers, but I got two plastic flower boxes that I needed badly. When I came home I visited Linda’s parents and her brother. They live close by. The reason for my visit was to get a recipe on cinnamon buns from Linda’s mother. I remember she used to make lovely cinnamon buns and I’ve been wanting to make that for weeks now, so I paid them a visit to get it.

In between all that and spending some time in the sun at the terrace, I walked around with my camera. And this is what I discovered around our own property and nearby areas.

Wheel barrows and a lot of logs. This means that my parents won’t have a cold house next winter either. The wood bricks are stacked up to dry before they are moved inside a shed.

An axe. And again, a lot of logs. They were neatly placed on top of each other by my parents, my sister and brother-in-law. And I believe my nephew were helping out as well.

Trees, fields, my feet in new, but now dirty shoes and soil.

Shoes are off. Feet are now touching sand for the first time this year. Above some water from a small river close by where I live.

My shadow. I’m holding a bouquet of anemones. To the right you can see the anemones I picked by the riverside. It was a lot of anemones there. Sadly it was some nettle there too, which I didn’t see until I had burned my feet. Later I burned my finger, thinking I grabbed an anemone. In stead it was part of a nettle. Ouch!

I think pictures

I stole the title of  this blog post from a flickr friends blog. But it fits me so very well. I really think pictures. Where ever I go, I look for things to photograph. Not even on purpose every time. I do it without thinking. When I see something worth framing in pixels, I make a mental note of it, or write it down in my notebook if it’s in my bag. Later I return to photograph it. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

On my way home from work today, I had to hop of the buss a few stops before I normally do. I had seen a tree in full bloom earlier this week. It looked gorgeous and I knew I had to stop and photograph it. I had also seen the roof of some buildings that I thought would be great to photograph. The tree was as beautiful as it looked from the bus. The roof toops photo I had in mind, didn’t work out.

In my notebook I still have one more place I need to go to photograph. That is also a  place seen when I’ve been travelling in Oslo by buss. It’s been on my list for months now. Still haven’t found time to go there. Soon, very soon!

A flickr friend just bought a new camera, a Canon 7D. When I found out, I instantly got a little bit  jelous and a thought popped up in my mind: should I buy a new camera? I had to check out the spesifications for the 7D. On Canon’s site I found  the spesification. In addition I checked out the best Norwegian online store that sells photo equipments, to see the price. Reading about the camera, they said something that instantly got me hooked. The camera witch is made based upon feedback from 5000 photographers. That must be a good base for making a new camera.

The camera I have now, I’ve had since the end of 2006. That’s 4 years and 4 months. It’s nothing wrong with my camera. It works fine. But seeing / hearing about other great cameras, lit a spark inside me. I could have something better than I have now. A faster camera with higher ISO, HD filming, 19 AF pointgs etc. It all sounds great. The price is high, but not unafordable. The body costs 11995 NOK (ca. 1510 euro). I could buy it with the tax refund I’m getting in June. But that would leave me with no new couch, which was on the top my my list.

Do I really need a new camera? The one I got still works fine. It takes lovely photos and I’m very satisfied with it. If I need one is not the only thing I have to take into concideration. The fact that I also want other types of camera as well, must not be forgotten. For ages now, I’ve really wanted a Polaroid camera; one of the old ones with instant film. I would also like to get a Diana; it looks like a fun camera to use. Other equipments are on my wishlist as well; a fisheye lens and a photo printer.

As you can see, I want a lot! Now I just have to decide what to prioritize what to spend money on. I think I’m gonna browse online market places for old cameras!

Looking at my flickr account, trying to find out when I got my DSLR camera, I had a look at my old photos. Looking at them, I must say (without sounding very cocky or high on myself) I have grown as a photographer. I don’t say I’m fantastic, only that I’m better than I once was. It’s fun to see the growth. If I grow as much as I have done the last four years, the four next, then things will be sweet.

To end this post, here are some photos of (blooming) trees /plants. Spring is definitely here.

a whole lot of animals and some lovely nature

During my six days stay in Alkmaar, I spent quite some time watching cute animals. We saw the at a visiting farm close to the city center. They were also spotted right outside the city limits. Chantie and I, we took a bike trip to see the tulip fields. On our bike trip we also saw a lot of cute animals. It was a great biketrip where I got to use my camera a lot. How can you not capture cute animals laying / standing on in a field?

Here are a variety of the animals spotted and the landscape around. Be aware of cuteness overload.

The road leading up to some horses. Small canals on both sides. Such a pretty landscape!

A horse, well tucked in. It looked a bit sad.

Another horse. Eating grass. Very lovely. It reminds me of Pippi Longstockings horse.

Awesome house located right beside the fields where the horses were walking around.

Cows haning around eating grass.

Pretty landscape! Sunny weather, blue skies. Lots of dandelions. And cows far, far away.You don’t just pass such a pretty view. You stop your bike and pull out your camera.

Two sheep eating together. So cute. They look like an old couple having dinner together. They could need a little trim. Look at all the wool!

Cute, cute, cute! Tiny little lambs. I wanted to take one with me home…

After all the eating and walking around, you need to rest as well. When you’re a baby, what is better than to lay with your head to your mum?

One of the oh so famouse canals.

A goat. Basking in the sun and greeting us.

Another one. This one from behind.

Cute baby goats. This is from the animal farm we visited. They were running around like crazy. Look like they had lots of fun.

Some birds. Not sure what kind. But cute none the less. And very furry.

“Hi! I’m Sniffles. I’m fine. How are you?”

Bird on a fence.

Baby goat. So tiny, but not less cute. Maybe more cute actually.

Animals on a row, eating that yummy grass.

No more posts.