Glimps of Oslo pt. two

I continue my post from yesterda, where you saw glimps of Oslo. Here is the photos I took after I split with Ellen and she went home. The Vikings are a part of the Norwegian history and you can buy a Viking ship with a Viking inside in every (at least I assume so) souvenir shop located in Oslo.

Another peek into a store. An antique book store with lots of old books. It was closed so I could only take photos from outside.

Juristen (the Jurist). A bar that was closed at the moment. No chance to get any booze there as the shelves are covered with lattice. Im pretty sure it was lots of people there later that evening / night.

Taken outside a place called Heimen, a cafe / restaurant. One of the girls behind the counter stared intensly at me when she saw I was taking pictures. I wish I was more comfortable to not care about staring people. I stopped shooting and walked away.

Maybe I should invest in some running shoes, so I can run away when people catch me photographing odd stuff? Näh. I don’t think so. Lots of cool running shoes though. I find the green ones nice!

I fell in love with this sign as soon as I saw it. It’s very pretty. I love that it’s square.

Partyswedes: Go home! Someone doesn’t like all the Swedes we have in Oslo. There are a lot of Swedes in Oslo. Whenever you go out to a cafe / pub / restaurant, there is a Swede working behind the bar or as a waiter/waitress.

Silence! I kill you! Everyone should know Achmed the dead terorist. Saw this replica in a storefront. I just had to take a photo of it.

Here is a little bit more of the fella with the huge grin.

To outweight the two last photos, here are a soft photo of some pussy willow. Such pretty branches. This was the last photo I took of the day. My back and feet were so, so tired. And my belly was screaming for food. So all I could to was to go home!

I really hope I get the chance to go on a new photowalk soon. It’s so much fun. I get to explore parts of Oslo I haven’t seen that much. I get exercise and there is so much time to talk about this and that (everything).

I’m off to the Netherlands on wednesday on my (almost) annual Easter trip. I will bring my camera of course and I hope I get the chance to use it a lot. It would be fun if I could write a post like this with photos from the Netherlands (Alkmaar and Amsterdam).

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